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Malaysia Airlines MH370: Aviation expert wants Australia to prove plane is in Indian Ocean

A military aviation technology expert has written to the Australian government to debunk its theory that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is lying in the southern Indian Ocean. ( Plus d'info...

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preacher1 4
Call it only a gut feeling, but I feel that he is barking up the wrong tree at Australia. I think anything needs directed at the Malaysian government, that hem hawed around in making things public, and by doing so, kept search assets in the wrong place for an extended period of time. I really don't think Australia could do much except act on information it was given. I could be wrong. I guess we'll see after the courts decide.
The Malaysian government is happy to have their problem transferred to Australia and is not going to do anything to change that outcome nor is Malaysian government capable of doing anything more to find the flight than perhaps under extreme pressure release potentially embarrassing information they may have withheld.
preacher1 1
I am sure you are correct. I think that potentially embarrassing information is what they may be worried about, and as some have said, it may be just withholding information in general.
Other than the victims' friends & families there are other interets who would likely prefer the disappearance of MH 370 remain a mystery to escape more specific blame or allegations of withholding relevant information. Unfathomable that the radar coverage was so poor that the large aircraft could not be tracked even though other data suggests the aircraft flew for several more hours.
matt jensen 2
I dunno how many times I've written this - it's not in the water. GeoReasonance is very likely correct, but Immarsat has the government's ear.
Colin Seftel 2
I have to agree, the lack of any floating debris, not even one seat cushion, after a year pretty much debunks the Indian Ocean theory.
Hew Mills 1
The military aviation expert should be putting forth his theory rather than asking Australia to debunk theirs. Then he might also commit his country assets to proving it. Australia has committed far and above it's proportion of effort regarding the country's population and citizens lost on the doomed flight. Go ahead, X spert, come up with a better scenario so that Australian taxpayer dollars can be more effectively spent helping someone else. ( X = unknown quantity, spert = drip under pressure)
Martin Haisman 1
This person has no idea what he is talking about. ACARS was disabled therefore there could not be and would not be data from the aircraft or engine performance. IF so there would be a broadcast (Ft447) of emergency data upon fuel exhaustion and possible flight path irregularities broadcast along the flightpath – that’s why the ACARS was disabled. If he read the report there was confusion so Indonesia ATC (And Malaysia/Vietnam) did not switch to primary radar. Even doing so it would not trace beyond about 200 NM and still not lead to where the Inmersat data indicates.
Raw Inmersat data was released some time ago and many amateurs and expert’s have disseminated the data, peer reviewed it and reached similar conclusions of the crash area. If you look at the image Jindalee does not cover the Indian Ocean nor does Diego Garcia (again DG 200 NM and it a UK base with daily flights). Interpol, FBI, and various other criminal investigative agencies have been involved from the start.
All of the points raised are amateur, uneducated, not researched and just add further torture and undertenancy for the families involved. Its fine to offer properly researched information I assume the investigative team would quite rightly ignore his garbage.
Jill Marley 2
I agree. Absolute nonsense which doesn't deserve a reply from a busy Australian government trying to do their best, spending millions of dollars searching for this plane. He's milking the families for money to investigate something they cannot understand.
Thank you for confirming that the raw data had been released. What sort of investigative research has he done if he missed this fact. I have my doubts about the Malaysian side but that will all come out in the wash eventually. This guy just wants to be a superhero in a devastating story.
daryl jamieson 1
Is it not the case that the Jindalee OTH Radar is only operational when there is a perceived threat. Yet to hear the government deny this.
John Watson 1
David Johnston is no longer the Australian Defence Minister and neither Singapore or Malaysia are members of the "Five powers defence agreement" or Five Eyes as it is commonly known (the members are USA, UK, Canada, NZ and Australia). Makes one wonder how much else he's got wrong.

Australia leads the search for MH370 principally because the search area is in the southern Indian Ocean for which Australia has the international search and rescue responsibility. But it is an international operation and I don't think either the Australian government or its taxpayers would choose to continue pouring millions into this search if in fact a choice existed but it does not. As for the actual search area, it is based upon the best evidence and international scientific analysis available and that will remain the case unless and until someone else can come up with an alternative that can withstand the analysis and scrutiny to which the Immersat data has been subjected.

The guy quoted in this article is a fool who, as others have suggested, probably has another agenda.
Dave Goldthorp 1
The FIve Power Defence Agreement is completely different to 5-Eyes. The FPDA is UK, Aus, NZ, SN and MY. Just saying.
Zuri Smith 1
This really has nothing to do with Australia. The Malaysian government needs to pull their finger out and own not only the investigation but also the cost of it.
Marc Dunand 1
This stupid (yes, stupid) speculation is meaningless for the people that fly.
Let's just leave the Safety Boards do their jobs, in the timeline they require, and we will get an answer.
Don Newton 0
The aircraft was radar plotted travelling North West . Once this plot was lost due to distance there is no logical reason for
it to suddenly do a ninety plus degree turn to the South. Sightings of large jet flying low over the Maldives early on the next morning have been somehow, or deliberately, ignored. There has been a cover up of major proportions on all sides
and how we, Australia , foot the bill for a search for which Malaya or Malaysian Airlines should be the major contributor, is beyond me. They are looking in the wrong place.

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