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What that barcode on your boarding pass reveals about you

About to snap a photo of your airline boarding pass and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Don't be so hasty, at least not if you value your privacy. That slip of paper – or more correctly, the innocuous barcode on it – can reveal a wealth of information about you. ( Plus d'info...

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Musketeer1 8
This article basically says that your name, ticket class, and flight number and route are on your ticket. Who would've thought? And if you didn't have the technology to read the bar code you could just read it printed in English...
waste of time article, really! Everything in the bar code is printed on the ticket...oh save for the very personal and private time I checked in. Please do not post things trying to scare the population when there is no need for alarm.
randomguy 2
I'll admit to being curious about which fields are validated where -- which fields are looked at, e.g. at security (just that you have a flight today? that the name is found in some manifest of the day's passengers?) ... at the lounges (can you change your class of service to give you access or does it look up the booking in the computer?), etc.
martin adams 1
Interesting idea to change what is says on the pass... If you could get a lounge access for free that would be pretty cool
matt jensen 1
Nothing really outstanding on the tags, but tmi on the actual pass.
sparkie624 1
I am sure there is information that is not needed to be sure.
Gl1der 2
Geez, who would have thought? And all this time I thought that bar code was a list of all the magazine subscriptions I have and when they expire........
Betty O 1
This was very informative!
AirFranceB744 1
that's so wierd
Bernie20910 1
The way I see it, anyone "targeting" you (for whatever nefarious reason), undoubtedly already knows most of the info anyway. so it doesn't change anything. And if you're not being "targeted" by someone, no one is going to bother doing this, or really care about the info if they do. (ie: someone tries it because they have a code reading app they want to try, or something of that nature)

So, either way, I don't see much of an issue.
Mark Lansdell 1
Much ado about nothing. There are so many other things to think and worry about.
PaulN2719 0
I don't use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and I don't have a camera phone. So looks like I'm safe...
robert albee 0
I always shred my boarding passes. It is nice to know what is hidden.
David Pearce 3
What is 'hidden' is pretty much what is there in plain view already - it is just a machine readable version of what is already printed in plain English on the ticket! Seems like a storm in a teacup to me - If someone really wants to steal your ID, they can get all this info without needing a boarding pass.

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