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AirAsia QZ8501: Singapore navy finds fuselage of crashed AirAsia jet, defence chief says

A Singapore navy ship has located the fuselage of the AirAsia plane that crashed into the sea late last month with 162 people on board, the city-state's defence chief says. ( More...

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Fuselage of AirAsia Plane Discovered

More than two weeks after AirAsia lost contact with Flight 8501, the plane's fuselage has been found in the Java Sea, the BBC reports. Photos of the body of the plane, taken by a search robot, were posted on the Singaporean defense minister's Facebook page.
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fuselage possibly located

JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — Searchers have now recovered both so-called black boxes from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and may have located the fuselage of the plane, an Indonesian official said Tuesday, adding more pieces to help solve the puzzle of what caused the disaster.


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