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Midway Airport Security Line Reportedly Over 1 Mile Long

Holiday travelers faced a literal nightmare on Sunday morning when the line for security checks at Midway Airport in Chicago was reportedly over a mile long. KOMO reporter Denise Whitaker said that the line was 1.2 miles long. An airport spokespersonsaid that she wasn't surprised by the crowds. ( Plus d'info...

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joel wiley 13
TSA just doing their job- bringing the airlines to a halt so terrorists can't use them as targets.
preacher1 12
And the National News is saying it was just on account of understaffing, as in not enough people. Really smart for one of the busiest travel days of the year. Our government at work. Wonder how many missed their flights or did the Airlines hold?
Ric Wernicke 2
Just have the people stand real close and act like they know each other. That will shorten the line to half a mile in no time.

Every ticket I buy has a more than substantial amount included for Showtime at the Terminal. The TSA should use the money to put boots behind the check in counters in numbers great enough to serve passengers without waiting.

For the managers to do less is a theft of public funds.
Wow 1 mile
John Atherton 0
Just more Union efficiency - your happy little AFGE at work....I'm surprised it's only a mile
Pileits -8
Thank the former failed President Bush for this homeland security / TSA mess.
preacher1 9
Bush may have started it but there has been no effort in 6 years to fix it. It has just gotten worse.
Don't forget to thank the current failure for the continued charade.
indy2001 3
Yes, it was all Bush's fault. The 107th Congress approved the bill that created the TSA by a voice vote in the Senate, and by a vote of 410 - 9 in the House. The 7 subsequent Congresses have refused to address the matter of TSA reform. Neither has Obama.

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