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Pilot strike disrupts 200,000 Lufthansa passengers

Lufthansa said it had been forced to ground more than 2,100 flights. "It had found pilots willing to take care of 700 flights," Reuters adds. ( Plus d'info...

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preacher1 5
Not taking sides here but if they don't fly the planes and generate some revenue, there may no be anything to retire from. When one action wipes out half a quarter profit, it won't take much of that.
joel wiley 5
Sort of like holding a pistol to one's head and threatening to shoot if your demands aren't satisfied.

btweston 1
Nothing like that, actually.
preacher1 1
btweston 3
The idea is not that they will never fly again. The idea is that management will realize that pilots are important, highly qualified employees who deserve better compensation. And if management does not do this, they too will lose their jobs.
andy streit 1
They are paid enough already. They are complaining because they way to retire at 55 with full benefits, rather than the legal age of 65. LH is proposing (industry best) at 61. This is the main sticking point. Though I'm sure you know that, it seems like you sympathize with their side. Are you a regional pilot? Armchair FSX left seater? LH is going nowhere. An eventual agreement will be made.They are not asking for more money. Last thing the pilots want is LH to go down. Though these strikes are not helping increase the load factor.
sstuff 1
Eastern Airlines, anyone?
Strikes always crack me up. Workers don't work to get more pay. Company pays more to get them to work, then goes bankrupt so nobody has a job. Opportunity for the next group. Lol
btweston 1
Sure. Pilots should pay out the ass for lengthy and expensive training and then settle for for whatever scraps get thrown their way.

I'll tell that to my doctor... National healthcare problem solved. Thanks!
andy streit 2
Actually, LH has a lucrative deal set up that most wanna-be pilots, do not pay for training. Most are paid for them, and students are housed at training bases around the world. They get their training for free, then essentially hop into the right seat once they pass all their tests. I know this because there is a base in Goodyear, AZ and I know the head trainer there. Keep in mind, the average top pay for captain of a widebody at LH is around 255,000 Euros/year. The average German citizen pay is around 45,000 Euro a year. Those poor pilots.
Every profession feels they deserve more compensation. Nature of the beast. Doctors feel the same way, especially serving residency working 24 hr shifts. If these pilots get a raise I'm happy for them. If they lose their job they can always become a doctor. Lol
joel wiley 1
The goal of any organization is to maximize the wealth of the ownership. For a publicly-held company such as an airline or health insurance company, is to maximize value to the shareholder at the lowest possible expense. For airlines, it is to maximize revenues at minimized costs. For health organizations it is wealth transfer from payers to stockholders with least cost or provided services. Flight crews, maintenance and other support persons in the airlines and doctors, nurses, and other support persons in healthcare are just widgets of expenses to minimize.

That is the new model. I personally prefer an older model.

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