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World's largest plane, the Antonov 225, makes a Twin Cities stop

Attention all Twin Cities photographers!! The An-225 is here through Wednesday, now's your chance to get some really good photo's!!! ( More...

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CloudSurfer89 3
The Smithsonian Channel did an interesting Mighty Planes episode on the Antonov 225.
CloudSurfer89 1
My mistake - this was on the Antonov 124
Very well done and acccurate too.
Saw this thing yesterday, it is massive! Thanks for sharing!
pkamtrak 2
I was on 24th Ave by the independent cargo garages; looks like one could get closer by going to the FedEx/UPS area
Ryan Carson 2
I saw it when it came to KCLT a few years ago and I agree it's HUGE.
Navy65 2
Largest? Maybe the heaviest would be more correct from some unknowing reporter. The 1946 HK1 (Spruce Goose) is wider and taller and has more engines. The A340 is longer.
idgie57 3
Perhaps one should add "capacity" after "largest." The AN-225's MTOW is nearly double that of the A340, so my assumption/inference is that it can carry a larger payload. As for the HK1, it's not an active aircraft, so one might classify the AN-225 as the "largest-capacity operational aircraft in active service." (It's all a matter of semantics and/or hair-splitting!)
Warren Turner 2
Maybe the A340 but since when is the Spruce Goose a "flying" aircraft and not just an artifact of a crazy person's deterioration?
I enjoyed a discussion on Facebook the last couple of days from Bloomington, Minnesota where people were posting their photos and comments online about the aircraft. Of course the Antonov departed in the blaze and glory of a stunning sunset. The photos have been super to look at. I would love to see it in person if it ever came to Alaska.
Jeffrey Babey 1
Joyanne. if you click on my name you can see the photo my wife took with her cellphone. She works right next to the Delta building.
Saw it landing in Keflavik about a week ago. HUGE aircraft, the SPRUCE had wider wingspan and Boeing 747 Dreamlifter has bigger cargohold but the An 225 is the heaviest and largest aircraft flying and holds many records. It rarely comes to Iceland but I took a 45 minutes drive at 1 in the night to see it land and it was worth loosing sleep. It is light 24 hours in Iceland at this time of year so it was no proplem taking video of the landing. AWESOME.
Only if it would come to KAVL.
(v)e Same 1
Its been to KGSP at least once, would love to have it back again. Is your runway even long enough up there in AVL?
It has come into Bangor a few times in the past couple years. Unreal sight to see it take off. Hope it makes a fuel stop on it's way out!
It used to come to KICT all the time. For Hawker fuselages I think.
(v)e Same 1
Is it just me or does FA have a problem tracking this bird? I put the tail number in all the time, but the last thing it shows was a flight from bangor, maine to africa.
Gene spanos 1
Great, more of these larger A/C.
Jeffrey Babey 1
And AWAY she goes!!!
bighoss81 1
Who owns it and what do they use it for?
Jeffrey Babey 1
It is owned by Antonov airlines and they're here in Minneapolis/St Paul to pick up "Trane" air conditioners for transport to the middle east. My wife works right by the airport and got great photo's on her cellphone today. I was going to post them on Flightawares Facebook page but I don't see an option for that.
Torsten Hoff 3
Someone wants cool air real bad. :)
Go to this link: Click on message, type your comments and add the Photos. Hope this works to post the pictures.
bighoss81 1
pkamtrak 0
Almost looks bigger than the C5-A that brought the support gear for Obama's visit last week!
It is quite a lot larger than the C-5
Wikipedia has a cool graphic on this plane showing how all the other planes compare to it. It almost looks like the cabin of the 747 could fit neatly inside.
I will never go to see some commi, now Russian mafia, low life criminal Russian government made plane for everything they stole with technology or murdered people and cheated to get ahead as a world dominating superpower government. There whole mantra and ideology is to cheat, steal, murder and lie and that's been since 1917 and nothing has changed with them.


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