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MH370 - what happened

Maybe This Guy has a Clue ( Plus d'info...

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Guna Mani 1
There are automatic transmitters. But they shall be activated only after a crash, if aircraft battery is intact.
I was under the impression that at least one pilot had to wear an oxygen mask while above 30,000, just in case. I have also been told there is an low oxygen warning system to avoid just this type of situation.
Maybe I am wrong, there are surely some current ATP's on here to clarify.
Guna Mani 1
Not always. Then airlines will have to charge separate oxygen surcharge from passengers. Only if a pilot leaves the cockpit, the other pilot has to don't the mask.Low oxygen warning? Only high cabin altitude warning is there.
lolia 1
One of the most plausible theories I have heard thus far.
James Hausman 1
Very interesting.
p m 1
I thought that in case of a slow decompression the on board AC would try to compensate and therefore increase its power until it would signal that it cannot reach the desired cabin pressure, thus sending an alarm to pilots.
raymond watson 1
I was looking on flightaware tracking system for flight MH 370 and the last position before it went off your system showed it had not changed coarse but had sudenly dropped speed by 240 kph, can anyone explain why no one has picked this up,what caused this sudden drop in speed.
Vance Burton 1
What utter guff.

A 777 is FULL od 'golf ball sized holes.' The foreword and aft outflow valves would be open about 3-4" in normal flight at 35,000'

Nobody would be unconscious at 13,500'

And the alarm at 10,000' would prompt donning of the flight deck oxygen masks.

Sorry - this theory is as full of holes as an airliner's skin.
Victor Mower 1
What I do not understand is why nobody has asked the question.....Why in this 21st century, with trans Atlantic yachts carrying a deployable Mayday GPS location why MAJOR aircraft crossing significant water ways (think Atlantic and Air France) are not equipped with automatically deployable Mayday senders like a little yacht. Is it that it is not cost effective for the rare occasion.
That's the most likely events which might have occurred. On Saturday after knowing about missing MH370 , I checked the flight status on FlightTrack on my android phone around 1230 IST. I was able to see the aircraft on the track line about three quarter distance before the destination somewhere around Jingmen and the status of flight as unknown. Now when I check it has been reset. Could this be as per the stated actions??

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