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Ryan Air Pilots Have Safety Concerns

RyanAir pilots feel they cannot report safety issues. (www.nbcnews.com) Plus d'info...

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ToddBaldwin3 9
I'll post my own first comment, The hiring of "agency" pilots, with little to no job protections bothers me. Speak out and you may not be working.
joe johnson 5
Lack of fatalities does not make you safe. It might just make you...lucky.
PhotoFinish -2
That's what the unlucky say to justify their poor record, when unwilling to adjust their philosophical wishes with reality.

"Nothing wrong with our system. We were unlucky. Their good record doesn't mean anything. They were just lucky."

Forget the babble-talk. Show me the numbers. Actual performance should count more than wishful thinking.
blake1023 2
So let me get this straight, the IAA launched an investigation because they landed with min fuel? How did Ryanair violate a reg.? Ryanair doesnt write the laws! How many of you fly with full tanks everywhere you go?

The IAA has a safety reporting program. Of course the union doesn't go to the regulators, its easier to fight safety concerns in the news media.
sparkie624 3
Speaking of MIN fuel, on a Dash 8-100 I had to completely drain ALL the fuel for a fuel calibration as I was using the DRY Method (much easier and cheaper). I was able to sump a grand total of about 4 gallons (only about 80% full in a 5 gallon bucket). I do not know the fuel consumption required for a go around, but I am glad he did not need one.

No investigation was launched and the truth be known, me and my lead were the only ones who knew as the fuel qty was on MEL.
PhotoFinish 3
Not that I'm advocating RyanAir, but 29 years without a single incident that has resulted in even one passenger or crew fatality is an impressive record. It contrasts markedly from many other discount airlines from around the world. Even many legacy carriers don't have 29 blemish free years. Some others (who will remain nameless) have many more incidents resulting in fatalities.

Having slept on it, I question the impartiality the article's perspective. Last night I was accepting the premise without question. But someone may have an ax to grind.

The record speaks for itself. Maybe the opposite of the suggested relationship between agency and safety is true. Maybe, having the agency model keeps pilots on their toes and creates greater safety. It has worked for 29 years. Most carriers with union representation have a worse safety record (as measured by number of fatalities in the last 29 years, or any 29 year period, or their entire existence).

I'd like to see a valid comparison of safety data for agency aviators vs. unionized aviators before accepting this assumption again. Ironically, RyanAir's stellar safety record may be responsible for tipping the scales in the favor if agency.
Pileits 3
The boss at Ryan Air probably wants to charge extra for safety like he charges for everything else!
sparkie624 2
Sounds like an airline to stay away from.
Jörn Thiel 1
I use Ryanair since 10 years and for my family it is the most competetive airline here in europe. Sometimes is strange to stand in a row and it is not comfortable but nevertheless i feel safety due to good pilots....
joel wiley 1
Safety is a frill?
CaptainFreedom -1
The clock is ticking on them. People will continue to use them until the first catastrophe, after which they iwll become scared and willing to pay more to fly with other carriers.
Michael Laue 0
Germany's biggest hero pilot (former East-German airline INTERFLUG and later Germania), who fought a hijacker, was fired for telling such problems to the press ^^
Chris Taylor -1
The boss of Ryanair would probably do well running a nazi concentration camp or a Soviet gulag complex.A total autocrat.Re an earlier post,there has been an incident with this outfit,one that saw the airplane being destroyed at Ciampino airport.Not the fault of the airline,(a multiple bird strike)but a hull loss is a hull loss.
Neil Mistry -1
Little pay no safety. ...no good.

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