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Video Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (B788) Take-off, Window Demo, Approach, Landing

Video from the cabin during UAL32 KIAH-KORD on 6/24/2013 demoing the passenger experience. ( Plus d'info...

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Daniel Baker 4
Additional photos here:
Michael Fuquay 3
I can't get enough of watching that plane. Thanks.
Airton Ribeiro 3
Muito bem preparado. Parabéns!
Brian Currie 2
And the point is - - ??????????
Jason Feldman 3
its a video of the 787 - what do you not understand? I will try to explain it to you.

People like seeing things they have not seen before. So they invented the camera. This was first done with chemicals, but is now done with electronics. These electronics also are able to record video and this video can be stored on servers on the internet for people to access at any time so they can see what the recording person saw from their vantage point. THAT IS THE POINT

There is a time for high level intellect, and there is time for pictures and video- do you get the point now?
Pam Lorimer 1
Flying on a Dreamliner in July when I go to Mexico, can't wait!
This airplane is great! It's so darn quiet. Best wishes as it sorts out its remaining "teething" issues.
Jason Feldman 1
Did you hear that? NO? Me neither! LOL.

gotta love the wing bending up like a glider

I gotta see that winglet close up in person - if it truly delivers, whomever holds that patent is going to make a lot of money
Brian Currie 1
How many people??????????
Paul Thomas 1
I guess that whole business about not using electronics during takeoff only applies to other people?
Jeffrey Bue 1
Love watching these videos. The Dreamliner is such a cool jet. Thanks for sharing.
David McNett 1
Really great video
JD345 1
I flew on one of these for the second leg of my trip last week and it was well worth it... very, very cool. If you're flying anytime soon I strongly recommend trying to find a UA flight through IAH to get there. You won't be disappointed.
sparkie624 1
Nice plane... I think it is going to be for the long term.

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