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In-Flight Thefts On The Rise At LAX

LOS ANGELES ( — Cases of passengers breaking into other people’s carry-on bags during flights are on the rise at Los Angeles International Airport. Since 2011, airport police have received 130 reports of theft aboard flights, which includes items taken during the flight or after the plane landed. ( More...

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Susan Dunn 3
When I was in China, we HAD to place our bags directly above us. No exceptions. The flight attendants need to monitor passengers who place their bags up front even though their seats are in the back. I get tired of getting to my seat and finding no room above me. In many of the cases, folks carry way too much on board and take up more than their fair share of space. Enforce the carry-on rule.
Scumbags are everywhere. Onboard security camaras next? Be just like the 7-11. Lol
Chris Donawho 1
You can check your luggage... Ah, but no one wants to do that. They feel entitled to stuff all of their crap in the cabin, while the rest of us plain folk wait on our luggage.

PS, if you check your luggage, make sure the flight doesn't stop in Detroit. Buddy of mine got his suitcase looted. They took all the stupid tourist souvenirs from Niagra Falls. Pretty lame, but one of those damned fridge magnets was supposed to be mine!
chalet 1
During a very short flight from Greenville, S.C to Orlando, FL on an Air Tran DC-9 my briefcase with business docs and worse off passports of my family (4 people) and some money disappeared as if some magician had boarded the plane. The airline did nothing to assist. From then on when I have to go to the toilette I stuff the passport and moneys in my pockets.

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joel wiley 0
Do you mean the thefts themselves or the reporting of the thefts if repubs were running the show?
You must be talking to Phil. I only acknowledge the republicans as the lesser of the two evils. We didn't get here overnight and nobody been steering but them two parties. They have both sold their souls for money.
joel wiley 0
Yep, it was Phil. With the Reps & Dems, I can't remember which is tweedledum and which tweedledee. By watching them you can tell when they are telling the truth by their mannerisms. But, when they open their mouths.....

You crack me up. At least you're not trying to be PC correct (whichakes me want to puke). In reality anyone with common sense could do better than where we are today; including republicans! LOL.
andy streit 0
I lost a couple pairs of socks, a nice hat, and some Oakley sunglasses on a Horizon flight from SEA - BLI. I should have known better when I was told to leave behind my carry-on bag for those thief's to put in the cargo hold on the Dash 8.
Why would people do this? Its beyond me and I hope those people got what they deserve
Brian Evans 0
Truly a sign of the moral decay of society everywhere..
Unsavory's have always been around. . The masses fly now so it's just like being on a bus. If you have valuables better keep close.


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