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2012 in FlightAware Squawks

A look back at the top aviation stories on FlightAware in 2012. Thanks to everyone for their contribution and being part of the FlightAware community. ( Plus d'info...

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Darryl Sarno 3
Glad to have contributed this year and look forward to 2013!
Brian Bishop 3
Also proud to have made this list again.
Hope all the Flightaware family and friends have a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a fruitful new year.
Cheers everyone. -B
I enjoyed reading most of these stories. i am an aviation enthusiast and these have been of great help n knowing somethings about aviation. THANKS A LOT!!
Jeffrey Babey 1
Thanks to everyone at Flightaware too! and I just heard you on the radio (Dan Baker)at the top of the hour FOX news report talking about the storm snarling air travel. Nice job!
mark tufts 1
he two stories that i liked are the sr-71's and the making of florida one
Gudseeds 0
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Re: 2012 in FlightAware Squawks

Nice to see the 'BUFF's in Minot, ND' make the cut.. but my 'Home Town CF-18 Crash did not ? After 2 years..they finally figured out what 'Everyone on the Ground Saw' !! Right Engine Quit !
"Sticky piston caused CF-18 crash

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. -- A military investigation has concluded that a sticky piston caused the crash of a CF-18 Hornet during an air-show practice in southern Alberta.
The jet, flown by Capt. Brian Bews, lost thrust in its right engine while doing a manoeuvre about 90 metres above the ground at the Lethbridge County Airport in July 2010.
The plane didn't respond and Bews was forced to eject seconds before the CF-18 crashed and exploded in a massive fireball. He suffered three compressed vertebrae.

That One should have made it as well !

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