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RyanAir Standing Up Against Seat Belts

RyanAir's "standing-room only" seats would not provide passengers with seat belts or safety harnesses of any kind. ( More...

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Ray Zimmermann 7
I think the RyanAir CEO is making this statement with tongue-in-cheek - - his way of getting some free press for hia airline.
Don Thomson 3
I agree... Its like that old show-business adage... "Give me good press, or give me bad press... Just DON'T Ignore me."

He can't be serious. <fingers crossed> Can He? <chuckle>
Ray Zimmermann 3
Of course I couldn't believe it the first time I heard airlines were going to charge for carry-on bags. Now Spirit just raised its fees, up to $100.
I agree. What he is REALLY advertising is his $25 seats and using the standing-room only to get it published. O'Leary is a smart guy IMO.
Quackers 4
I can imagine takeoff, landing, and turbulence standing up on a 737...
On a bus its a pain in the butt when they make a sharper turn or suddenly break.
joel wiley 3
The next step in treating Pax as cattle? What's to follow, smoking section on the wing? Those would require belts.
Southwest already treats it passengers like cattle.
joel wiley 1
They all do, unless maybe you are in 1st class, but at least SWA does so with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.
Yazoo 2
It's not problem. They way people are willing to buy tickets, if you pack them in tight enough they won't fall over. (OK, this is meant to be a joke!!)
Joseph Howes 2
future news story/squawk ryanair report the biggest amount of injuryies in one flight due to their new standing room area.
Toby Sharp 1
EXACTLY!!!! cause and effect?
Actually, this isn't the first time this has been done. I recall flying between Trinidad and Tobago about 25 years ago, on what was called the "Air bridge" and they had people (and animals) standing in the aisle. The had a subway like strap-hanger bar running the length of the plane and leather straps at regular intervals. It was operated on a more or less regular schedule (meaning when the plane was full, it took off) at hourly intervals. If memory serves, it was a narrow body, very, very old plane. I see they still run the route and still call it the "Air bridge", but no mention of stand up bookings. It is now run by Caribbean Airlines, but back in the 1980's it may have been someone else.
Charles Meade 1
Remember, there are people who know the real facts about this Trinidad and Tobago "Air Bridge" claim.
Very smart CEO, he knows how to play the game...
James Smith 1
Dennis, why don't you just put all the stand-up passengers in a big bubble
Dennis Harper 1
Techy solutions are more fun, rather than just bash a seemingly dumb idea. My pitch:

Balance on take-off and landings is not an issue. The laterals G's on NYC subways are far greater. Being a NYer I can say only newbies like tourists lose their balance, but after the first ride they're OK. A used Metrocard will qualify you for stand-up air.
Put in subway style handrails and it can work.
Sudden strong upwards motion turbulence can be countered with some kind of passive foot restraint. Or better yet... how about airline approved shoe fittings that have a light weight steel plate.
High power electro-magnets built into the floor fire when millisecond speed G sensors detect severe turbulence is imminent, keeping those standing firmly planted to the floor.
New technology can make it practical while the whole system will have little to no weight penalty. Software and sensors arm the system only where feet are present, saving energy which makes it green compliant.

Not enough? install kevlar cargo netting to keep the occasional errant standup from flying in seated space. Also microwave activated airbags in the ceiling would act as backup protection. Sounds crazy until you consider airline seats are not always bolted down.
Don Thomson 1
Ahhhh.... What ever happened to good ole duct tape and bailing wire? Versatile, inexpensive (so as not to raise passenger fares) and a proven track record for holding almost anything together for a few hours... <snicker>
Dennis Harper 1
Nice idea. How about offering an upgrade from duct tape and bailing wire to Velcro.

Rather than my magnetic footwear idea RyanAir can have the discount passengers ride in a segment of the plane's fuselage that g's up like a horizontal spin washer. This creates a few g's that keeps people firmly in place, no matter what turbulence occurs. It's powered by little fins in the slipstream. Aircraft systems like APU fuel and tailplane controls would go through a central ductway. I got the idea from watching the old 2001 Space Odyssey film. I have a book on weird airplanes, you should see some of the actual nutty things people did in aviation.
Don Thomson 1
GREAT IDEA... Maybe you'd consider taking the RyanAir CEO position? Your ideas seem to be far more imaginative than O'Leary's. LMAO
Bunnie Meyer 1
If he really wants to make money he should put in single size quadruple decker beds and do half hour around the airport flights so people can join the "mile high" club and just take the plane from city to city as reservations demand. No standing and a premium for lying down. Too bad I can't patent this idea.
sparkie624 1
Is this a Joke???
Don Rogers 1
TAAG Angola Airlines perfected this concept on their 737's and Folkers more than 20 years ago.
Paul Ahkolik 1
EASA will never approve it.
robert murphy 1
I don't think Michael is being tounge-in-cheek, I have been present at one of his speeches and I beleive he means it.
AEA711 1
That´s just one more reason for paying a small extra and taking a flight of a real airline that treats you like a person and not like cattle.....
Mike Braum 1
RyanAir's CEO is right!
Remember that in Britain, in the early years of the automobile, the law required a man with a red flag to walk in front of any motor vehicle on a public road, for safety reasons.
One could argue that all the road deaths in history could have been avoided if they did not repeal that law.
OhanaUnited 1
Let me guess his next crazy idea on the list: Remove one engine from from the 737 to save on fuel
drdek 1
By the £1 ticket and go in a wheelchair!
Victor Engel 1
They should have had one of these flights for the new Denzel Washington film, "Flight". No need to sacrifice the flight attendants for the death count. ;)
Juliaan Edward 1
The people that buy tickets from that guy,know they will fly Lunatics Airways !
It's there own free choice,to let themselves treated like slaughter cattle.
Toby Sharp 0
idiotic on airplanes.....wait till the first mishap then these seats will join video rental stores, palm pilots, and phone boothes
chalet -1
I think that this guy is the Donald Trump of the airline industry, always talking garbage to get TV and newspaper attention. Ryanair would never be allowed the first plane to take off with standing only passengers, and this jerk knows it.
Mike Williams 0
This is not his first crazy idea... he wanted to eliminate co-pilots a few years ago and just cross train the FA to land in an emergency.


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