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Nine gliders on one tow plane

(Google Translate from Slovak) 06/11/2006, Sliac airport, air sports club Elected in collaboration with Aeroslovakia Ltd. At the end, air date SAF 2006 broke the world record for towing gliders. Motor Z-plane for 9 137 t retreated glider L-13 Blanik part. ( Plus d'info...

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Roland Dent 2
These guys know what they are doing. Most of the brains for the former communists Russia came from here...same thing back in WW2 with Nazi.
joel wiley 2
The tow plane looks a bit like the crop duster in calif's Sacramento valley. Pretty tame to what the do over the rice fields at planting time.

You are a braver man than me, Gunga Din
R. Kipling
That was amazing performance
sparkie624 1
That is just too crazy
bdarnell 1
Love the soundtrack !
sparkie624 2
Personal Preference.... I just forwarded the video out to some friends and told them to turn the volume down...
jet4ang 1
I wonder how many feet of runway they needed b4 they became airborne? Looks like a lot more than a Jumbo.
Toby Sharp 1
pretty cool.....crazily dangerous
Wow, amazing...amazingly nuts! I can think of 300 different ways this could have gone real bad. Glad it worked out well.
Jerry Butler 1
Found this to be rather unique. I didn't think a single tow plane could pull 9 sail planes like that. Guess I learned something new!
sic ...
ruagatr 0
Wow...totally insane. Only in the eastern

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