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History of O'Hare International Airport

In 1945, a Site Selection Committee appointed by Mayor Edward Kelly chose Orchard Field, the location of a Douglas aircraft assembly plant located on the northwest side of Chicago, as the site for a new Chicago airport. The site had four concrete runways. ( Plus d'info...

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Dubslow 3
Being a Chicago resident, I've been tracking the OMP progress with FlightAware and the charts from the FAA. Take a look at 10C-28C, it's pretty close to done.
Uwe Ritter 2
I too live in the vicinity. Was cruel how they displaced all those families just to add a strip.
Uwe Ritter 1
Reading how you're following the OMP, I am sure you have seen this. But if you haven't, this might be of some good use.
MultiComm 1
I love this stuff. Anyone want to share/write/post an article on the history of Atlanta Airport. I always enjoy finding early photos of my home airport!!
Douglas Splitt 1
I was there on Saturday spotting and it was quite a sight seeing the 3 parallels being used for arrivals. Of course the 20 minute taxi time from 27R to the terminals is frustrating but...
Uwe Ritter 1
Where did you set up for spotting? I remember many years ago people used to line up along Irving Park Road (West of Mannheiim), but now they won't let you.
Douglas Splitt 2
When I was younger my father would take me to the place you mention along Mannheim. I remember being in awe of the sound as the planes departed on 22L. Fast forward to the present day my spot of choice is off of Scott Street on the NE corner of Lawrence and Mannheim. You get great views of arrivals on 28, and since this is the longest runway at ORD you often get some of the bigger planes. Here is the video I took,
Uwe Ritter 1
Thanks for the share. I also checked out your other video dated March, 2011. I just thought of another place to spot. Over by Remote Parking Lot F, they have that one area tht is free parking for Cell Phone pick-up. Just can't leave your vehicle. There may be other locations along Bessie Coleman Drive. I need to scope it out. Otherwise, the West side of O'Hare within the industrial park East of Route 83.
Uwe Ritter 1
My brother used to live in Bensenville, South of Foster, right by Route 83 and his backyard was perfect for spotting. They flew right overhead. Nothing better than laying by the pool, dropping suds and watching planes fly over.
KauaiGolfer 1
When they listed the early airlines, they misspelled Capital Airlines, which merged with United in 1961. I am a Capital/United brat.
LancairESP 0
Hmmm . . . they failed to mention that Mayor Richard "The Little Dick" Daley misappropriated O'Hare funds to repair the damage at his illegal destruction of the lakefront Meigs Field. Guess they forgot.
AccessAir 1
Ihate to say it but had Meigs been repaired it would be an airport again and not a park....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LancairESP 1
True - "repair" was the term Daley's minions used to hide the fact that they destroyed an operating airfield with planes on it and flights enroute to it. Something Al Qaeda was not able to do. Somehow the Little Dick never went to jail. Go figure!
Gene spanos 0
Very interesting with all the money $$ that the Daley's made at ORD and just recently
his son Patrick --earned the WIFI contract at ORD and Midway.
Wow..lucky guy ha!!

For more go to the Aviation Integrity Project
175 page report The Burnner Report by
Mr.Terrence Brunner.

It named all the names yet - the US DOJ decided to stay away....
Uwe Ritter 1
And they say "clout" bears no weight when it comes to bidding contracts? That's how it works all the time. That'show I got a job with the city many moons ago. I originally applied the old fashioned way and was never called, I went to the alderman's office and he wrote a referral letter and within 2 weeks I was hired. Go figure. I left the job after 2 years. The pay wasn't worth the road apples. (Kept it clean)
LancairESP 0
A family of scumballs, but at least they made the trains run on time (or was that Mussolini?)

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