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Flying Magazine - 1930s to Present - Free on Google Books

Google Books has hundreds of historical editions of Flying Magazine for the last century online. ( More...

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Brandon Peery 2
Cool, but it's not to PRESENT. Goes up to 2008 only.
sparkie624 1
I like the older ones better anyway.
Daniel Baker 1
I guess "present" is a rounding error for such a long duration! :-)
Worth a look in any case!
Kevin Brown 1
Great find! Thanks for this online treasure trove!
Robert Swisher 1
i am looking for an article concerning aviation reserch on the top of mt washington new hampshire possibly in the 1940s to 1960s
Grant Gordon 1
September 1977 I bought the 50th Anniversary edition of Flying, Vol 101 No3, it's still on my book self. Got to say it's nicer to hold the real thing, but grateful for the great opportunity to look through the ones that got trashed.
Ralph Connell 1
Thank you, this is going to be great reading!Particularly interested in the 1940's issues. Excellent historical archive.
Pablo Maurelia 1
This is a great archive. Unbelievable.
Jim Landon 1
Thanks for the heads up Dan. Very cool!
earendil 1
Super cool! Thanks for this link!
Wingscrubber 1
Makes you feel like you're back in the 1950s reading some of those early articles - flight testing the 707 for instance. Marvellous :)
So cool!
David Brooks 1
Thanks for sharing this with us. Great to go back and look at old issues of Flying. :-)
Bill Kelley MD 1
I grew up with Flying, and the seeing long forgotten cover issues brought tears to my eyes, a flood of Dopamine nd pleasure neurotransmitters to rival any 'drug'. Thank you for not just making my day but my life to be as well as what has passed.
Doctor Bill Kelley (USAF Flt.Surgeon, ret.)
madtrader 1
Wow. This is awesome.
oowmmr 1
Great tip.
Thanks Daniel for picking this up and sharing.
Dan Chiasson 1
Thx for sharing and thx to Flying for facilitating this wonderful use of technology!
John Clark 1
These issues are virtual time machines allowing us to see what the readers saw back then. So many great and long forgotten photos as well!
harm buning 1
Thanks very much for this link.....AND thanks to 'Flying, AND to Google....
mrdedwalker 1
DITTO - thanks from Aussie
John Petrikas 1
A trip into the past. Interesting to read about the forgotten stuff I was learning 57 years ago. Wonderful to read about the good old days. Need to show my Grandson this site
so he can learn how it once was. Tried explaining to him that at one time we would listen to MDW tower on 278 KC and his response is "huh?" while he tinkers with the G1000 panel.
How times have progressed.
Dan Chiasson 1
For me, it's having the opportunity to read Gordon Baxter again. A legend.


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