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Video: Helicopter falls apart on landing in Brazil

Brazil's Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents is looking into the reasons why a rescue helicopter disintegrated shortly after landing in the northern state of Para on Wednesday. Officials believe the helicopter experienced what is known as ground resonance, a condition that happens when the aircraft's rotor is working while the helicopter is on the ground. ( Plus d'info...

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Avi8tor2 4
Yeah, unfortunately I'm sure the pilot knew that this was way beyond resonant vibration and that pulling collective back into a hover was not gonna solve this problem. There was a MAJOR malfunction in either the main gearbox or possibly a main rotor blade was beginning to delaminate and there was just nothing to do but ride it out. Thank the Lord that this happened on the ground and not in forward cruise at 1,000 agl over a congested city! I've lost some friends before when that occurred!
Roland Dent 1
Another reason to worry...
onjuku20 2
That looked like ground resonance to me.
preacher1 1
I don't know all I need to know about GROUND RESONANCE. I remember HARMONIC RESONANCE back in the early 80's on a lot of railroads with decrepit track, jointed rail and heavy covered hopper cars, in that the rail joints would bend down, start the cars side swaying, and then they would just roll over on their side. I guess this is a similar thing but not something you hear about very often.Has a cause or prevention even been perfected for it?
jerry rembold 2
Used to happen a lot on Army Chinooks back in the 70s-80s. Pilots just picked them ub to break the reaction between the aircraft and the ground and set them back down. seems that I remember it happening mostly when they were in a 2 wheel taxi mode with the front wheels off the ground.
Roland Dent 1
Not sure about you Wayne but ANY helo really scares the chit out of me...just watching them.
David Brooks 1
I have only flown on one helicopter in my life. I can understand some of the feelings about helos be tricky or even dangerous.
preacher1 1
I have heard of this happening before but not lately. I can understand the shaking, same as a harmonic I was referring to, when everything is just right, but as Jerry says here below, I would think you'd just pick it up and set down again. Seems like there are some other factors at work here for it just to shake totally apart like that.
Roland Dent 1
Yeah wayne called...if it ain't broke don't fix it...hahaha...knee jerk distress mauntenance. Take Rolls Royce for instance. They have a whole department set up to monitor real time engine parameters..they try and identify problems early...great idea. Of course many operators pay by the hours flown for a "total package". As the ATSB noted it helps to keep a note of how much oil an engine is using..but Eolls Royce nor Qantas could grasp that fact. How could oil be important when the have a full suite of 50 invigilators trained to monitor engines. Hahahah...
richard weiss 1
Ground resonance usually happens to helicopters that have a fully articulated rotor system and shock struts(sometimes called oleo struts.)It would happen when the struts were under serviced. The big Sikorsky helicopters of 50's were prone to it until investigator figured out the cause. Rigid and semi-rigid rotor helicopters very seldom experience this condition.
Robert Fleming 2
Holy smokes----talk about shake-rattle-and roll
pop414 1
I have seen this in the past and it is very simlar to a condition known as helosymitry reflective accute spinothapy. It is amazing to see it actually recorded on tape.
Looks like something was seriously out of balance, maybe some turbine blades parted company within the engine?
Wendell Smith 1

thecloudboy 1
Wow. I have a decent understanding of ground resonance and have seen photos of other incidents but this takes the cake.
David Brooks 1
It appears that something went wrong (just what is TBD) and vibration setup. The higher them amplitude of vibration, things will start to give. Fortunately no fatalities.
Robert Curley 1
A little Bondo and it will be as good as new.
Jesse Adams 1
That is slightly disturbing!
James Church 1
Wow, thanks
Troy Raiteri 1
Ran out of tape I might add? haha
John Macidull 1
"Ground resonance" is mathematically a "simple harmonic motion of increasing amplitude". It was most prevalent on helicopters where the lift/weight is slightly less that one (1/1) during rotor near full rpm when in the transition between start up before takeoff, or rotor shut down after landing. It can also be initiated during certain conditions while taxiing and hitting a chuck-hole or bump. It is caused by the compressive action of the landing gear system on the ground reacting to the non-linear transitional lift during this period. The gear (struts, oleo, cross-bar, tire pressure, etc.) acts like a spring that compresses, and then when the lift (wind factors included) is lessened or increased, this low frequency can increase in amplitude in just a few cycles to structurally fail the landing gear and other components. Past methods of recovery are 1. During rotor speed-up: Stop procedure immediately, with rotor brake if available. Wait for different conditions and/or check shocks. 2. During taxi, or at beginning of shutdown: Lift the aircraft into the air immediately and either burn some fuel or find a different-wind landing area, or both. Ground resonance is a function of many aircraft and environmental factors that are not standard for a particular aircraft or standard environmental condition. Hello to my friends at Embraer.
David Brooks 1
The video was shown on CNN news. The small screen playback in the video link above does not do justice to the amount problems. On my large screen TV, the violent shaking/vibration showed all parts breaking up. What ever the causes were, it was incredible to see it much clearer on the big TV screen.
Toby Sharp 0
Helo for sail....NEW PAINT!
Toby Sharp 2
Pedro Torres 0
Just an amateur's opinion but I'm guessing air frame failure from metal fatigue upon touch down
odyluvs2av8apple -1
and so what about that surprises you?
Shadowstarz 0
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Brazil Helicopter Falls Apart During Landing (VIDEO)

Have you ever dreamt of soaring high above the ground on a helicopter flight? The video above might make you reconsider.

A rescue helicopter fell apart (luckily, shortly after landing) in the Brazilian state of Para. Footage shot by the Para Fire Department on Wednesday showed the copter heavily vibrating before completely disintegrating. According to the Telegraph, Brazil's Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents is looking into the accident. 4 people reportedly were injured in the crash.

Watch the helicopter come apart and the immediate aftermath in the video above.

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