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FAA changes VFR code for gliders

AOPA is notifying glider pilots and other members that the FAA has changed the VFR transponder code for gliders, effective March 7. Use of the new code, 1202, is intended to help air traffic controllers differentiate gliders, with their unique maneuvering capabilities and limitations, from other VFR aircraft. The FAA has issued a notice providing that as of March 7 gliders not in contact with an air traffic control facility should squawk 1202 in lieu of 1200 or 1201, helping controllers identify… ( Plus d'info...

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Jeff Lawson 2
Looks like 1202 was necessary because 1201 had a double meaning around Los Angeles? 1201 was previously defined as: "Reserved for use by VFR Gliders not in contact with ATC. Also assigned via FAR 93.95 for use by VFR aircraft in the immediate vicinity of LAX."
Daniel Baker 2
There's a VFR route directly over KLAX where you squawk 1201 and fly a radial off the SMO VOR to overfly LAX without talking to anyone.
David Binder 1
Not any more....The Special VFR Flight Corridors have changed significantly.
David Binder 1
Not anymore = The Special Use VFR Corridors have changed quit a bit.
A good call, anything that can help these guys, keep Pilots safe..!
Toby Sharp 0
Soooo when I lose my engine in a 152 squawk 1202????? baahhh jk jk!
I bet when that happens you won't give a crap what your squawking! Lol
Kevin Sanders 1
You'll be squawking May Day May Day !
Jack Nelson 1
Or just the usual 7700?

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