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Flight Forced To Turn Back To KMCI After Takeoff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Southwest Airlines flight headed for Tampa, Fla., was forced to turn back to Kansas City International Airport Monday morning after the pilot reports a hydraulic issue. ( Plus d'info...

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preacher1 0
What's the big deal? Stuff happens.
richard weiss 0
Can a get a collective yawn
ysjspotter 0
OK everybody. 1....2....3.....aaaaaahhhhoooooooo.

Pass the QRH please, Fred.
1Robertg 0
... And in an unrelated incident a Southwest Airlines Ticket Agent broke a fingernail while attempting to place a bag tag on a piece of luggage. A Southwest spokesperson stated that the luggage sustained no visible damage.
joe hoeft 0
shit happens and its not southwests fault its boeing there the ones who service the airplanes.
James Kelly 0
Like preacher1 said, what is the big deal. Regardless of how planes or any type of equipment is maintained, you are going to have issues from time to time.
richard weiss 0
Boeing builds the aircraft, but SWA services it according to the manufacturers proceedures. There's four electric hydraulic pumps and two engine driven pumps on each 737. The system is divided into two seperate systems, known as the "A" and "B" system. The rudder has a standby electric hydraulic pump that can operate independantly of the A and B system. Does anyone think the loss of a component of system is news worthy. What has our news media come to.
Smokey Slover 0
Joe Hoft, I'll fly any Boeing anytime. Best built A/C in the skys. But I would not sit in a Airbus even if the engines were not running...Smo ATP
preacher1 0
Amen Smokey!!!!!!!!!! But as with the rest of them, why is this item even newsworthy.
chalet 0
Smokey the reason you are paying reasonable fares when flying on Boeing planes is because Airbus is making excellent planes too giving strong competition to Boeing and keeping them honest, so instead of bitching about Airbus, be thankful to them, LOL!
preacher1 0
Chalet: I don't think he's really talking about paying a fare, although like me, he may have to stoop that low sometimes but if you'll check the profiles, you will find that both of us carry ATP's. Now I don't know about him but my whole career was spent in the cockpit of a Boeing product and in semi retirement, still is, with an RJ of some type thrown in every now and then. I personally will hang up my spurs when it is Airbus or nothing. My Ex employer stayed with Boeing this time, without having to have any real input from the flight department, just taking delivery a few months ago on a brand spanking new 767-200ER after having one of the first 707s and then 757's and they stayed with them because they knew what they were getting and they knew they were getting a damn fine product. Boeing was making a damn fine product when Airbus wasn't even heard of, and besides all that, it's American made.

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