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KLAL Adding Commercial Flights

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Daniel Baker 0
Impressive -- don't hear about many new commercial terminals.
If they're smart, they'll add Michigan. In the winter months, it's hard to imagine there's anybody left up there because they're all here. I'd like service to HOU or IAH myself.
connor oslie 0
Gosh, it'll be great to have them off the roads and on planes(controlled by other people of course). I do alot with the airshow there and im glad it will not affect sun n fun that much. Its great to have so many destinations from LAL
Toby Sharp 0
got my initial training at KPCM just about 8 west of LAL. Always a great Big field, thought it'd be perfect for some heavy metal!
Mind you, unless something's changed, LAL still doesn't have jetways. I expect passengers will have to walk out to the aircraft and board via stairs.
krebilly 0
oh my dear lord, not...STAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, the picture in the paper shows stairs.

The only time I've used stairs was a flag stop at LCH.
preacher1 0
KFSM had stairs forever. Everybody thought they'd do jetways when they built the new terminal. They were included in the plans but due to a backlog or something, the new terminal was open close to a year before they got put in.
Mike Grant 0
Hey, Lighten up! I used to fly in and out of there all the time. Great airport- great location. You gotta start somewhere don't ya?
connor oslie 0
They are still not going to have jet ways unless they build a whole new terminal. as of now they are just refitting the old terminal.

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