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Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 at New York on Feb 22nd 2018, engine problem

A Lufthansa Boeing 747-800, registration D-ABYO performing flight LH-401 from New York JFK,NY (USA) to Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with 127 passengers, was climbing through FL200 out of New York when the crew requested to level off due to an engine (GEnx) problem but to continue the departure route. The crew subsequently advised they wouldn't cross the Atlantic and some time later decided to return to JFK. The crew advised no assistance was needed. When the crew checked in with tower, tower advised… ( Plus d'info...

United Boeing 737-900 at Green Bay on Feb 23rd 2018, overran runway on landing

A United Airlines Boeing 737-900, registration N30401 performing flight UA-878 from Madison,WI to Minneapolis,MN (USA) with 180 passengers and 7 crew, diverted to Green Bay,WI due to weather and landed on Green Bay's Austin Straubel Airport's runway 06 at 03:16L (09:16Z), but overran the end of the runway by about 250 feet. There were no injuries. The crew radioed tower advising they had overrun the end of the runway due to poor braking action on runway 06, they thought they were okay, no… ( Plus d'info...

British Airways Boeing 777-200ER damaged by a cargo loader at Buenos Aires Airport

British Airways Boeing 777-200ER (reg. G-YMMU) #BA245 suffered engine damage after collision with a cargo loader at the gate in Buenos Aires on Thursday 22nd. New meaning for 'BASH' as Britsh Airways Strike Hazard, I guess ( Plus d'info...

WestJet is getting annoying

I did a trip from home to Toronto and back and it was very annoying that way-too-many passengers were getting on-board with what they call is carry-on luggage. The carry-ons were way-too-big and they should have been checked in as checked luggage. The passengers were way-too-cheap to pay $25 for luggage check-in. I paid the fee and it is well worth it. When these 'stupid' passengers go on-board with suitcases and big back packs, it ends up that there is no room for many passengers to store their… ( Plus d'info...

Plane lands on belly in Abbotsford raspberry field

An airplane went off the runway at Abbotsford International Airport during a snowstorm Friday. ( Plus d'info...

Aseman Airlines ATR-72 crash in Iran: human remains descended on man’s back

After more than two days of research in the Zagros Mountains, workers located on Tuesday at about 4.000 meters altitude the remain of the Aseman Airlines ATR 72. ( Plus d'info...

Qatar Airways must choose wisdom over hubris

If anyone thought Qatar Airways chief Akbar Al Baker, eight months into a Gulf blockade on the carrier, might choose to adopt a more diplomatic tone while addressing the international press, they must have been barking. Al Baker, in Toulouse to receive the first Airbus A350-1000, had prefaced remarks on the situation by suggesting the delivery ceremony was not a forum to discuss dispiriting affairs of state. “I don’t want to get too political,” he began, before immediately rendering his… ( Plus d'info...

Airbus completes 8,000th A320 family delivery

Airbus has passed a key milestone in single-aisle production with the delivery of the 8,000th A320 family aircraft. ( Plus d'info...

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