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North American TB-25 Mitchell (N27493) - CAF Flight Crew definitely enjoying the taxi to take-off. B-25J Miss Mitchell served in the 310th Bomb Group, 57th Bomb wing 12th air Force in North Africa & Italy in WW 2. This B-25 was painted to represent that plane.   See below the excellent history provided by "Gorsedwa"
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North American TB-25 Mitchell (N27493)


CAF Flight Crew definitely enjoying the taxi to take-off. B-25J Miss Mitchell served in the 310th Bomb Group, 57th Bomb wing 12th air Force in North Africa & Italy in WW 2. This B-25 was painted to represent that plane. See below the excellent history provided by "Gorsedwa"


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frank theriault
Great aircraft - beautiful photo!
Al Bell
Another all-time classic. Who could imagine operating these off a WWII aircraft carrier? Okay, stripped down, but a B-25 nonetheless.
David Hasse
Enjoyed many take out meals on my lap waiting for a chance to see this beautiful bird operating out of Fleming Field SGS when I lived in Inver Grove Heights, MN years ago. Somewhat in the pattern for Crystal MIC ops now in Maple Grove but much foliage interference. Waiting for EAA to deliver on their promise to give those of us in Chapter 237 a ride in Berlin Express for all the work we put into getting her flying. Bucked many a rivet.
serge LOTH
I m glad someones are still maintaining these planes in flying condition somewhere in the world..
ken kemperPhoto Uploader
Thanks Frank, Al, David & Serge.

David, I hope EAA comes through for you.
29869 taken on strength on Nov 10, 1944, three days later it was assigned to the 560th Base Unit
at Palm Springs Army Air Field, CA. It was redesignated as TB-25J and used for proficiency
flying and crew training. On Jan 28, 1946 the plane was placed in storage with the 4168th BU
at South Plains AAF, TX. Then on May 29, 1946 it was transferred to the 304th BU at
Langley Field, VA, for administrative use by the base command. While still at Langley
and still used for that purpose, the plane was transferred to the 75th BU on Aug 21, 1946.
On Jun 11, 1947 it was again placed in storage, this time at Peyote with the 4141st BU.
On Dec 6, 1950 the plane was assigned to the charge of the 2753rd Air Storage Squadron
at Peyote. Finally coming out of storage on Nov 14, 1951, it was flown to Brookley AFB,
AL for maintenance, and then on Feb 3, 1952 it was sent to Hughes Aircraft at Culver, CA,
where over the next few months it was converted by Hughes Aircraft to TB-25K, with
modifications to accept radar sets, electronics, and a nose cone for the E-1 fire control
radar system as well as updated wiring and systems. On Sep 4, 1952 the plane was assigned
to its last duty unit, the 3565th Training Wing at James Connally AFB, TX, where it
was used to train radar and target intercept crewmen for Air Defense Command. In December 1957
it was sent to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ for storage, and then stricken from the USAF in April 1958.
In October 1958 it was purchased by a flying service in St. Paul, MN, and registered N3160G.
They operated the aircraft until 1963 and then it was withdrawn from use and stored
unconverted at Anoka, MN. In June 1970 Robert Kundel of Rice Lake, WI, purchased the
plane and moved it to Rice Lake. In December 1978 it was acquired by the Confederate Air
Force at Minneapolis, and ferried to St. Paul-Fleming Field, MN, in 1979 and restoration
was started. In May 1991 the plane was registered N27493 and made its first post-restoration
flight at Fleming Field in 1993. After its rebuild which finished in 1993, it was painted as
'327493'. It is marked as a B-25J of the 310th Bomb Group, 380th Bomb Squadron during 1944-45
in the Mediterrane
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
25-09-2022 B25St Paul Holman Fld ()So St Paul Municipal () 10h10 CDT 10h21 CDT 0:11
24-09-2022 B25St Paul Holman Fld ()St Paul Holman Fld () 13h25 CDT 13h49 CDT 0:23
24-09-2022 B25St Paul Holman Fld ()St Paul Holman Fld () 12h16 CDT 12h40 CDT 0:24
22-09-2022 B25Près de South St Paul, MNSt Paul Holman Fld () First seen 13h52 CDT 13h58 CDT 0:05
22-09-2022 B25St Paul Holman Fld ()Anoka Co-Blaine () 11h26 CDT 11h32 CDT 0:06
18-09-2022 B25Wausau Downtown ()St Paul Holman Fld () 14h19 CDT 15h14 CDT 0:55
17-09-2022 B25Wausau Downtown ()Wausau Downtown () 12h37 CDT 12h59 CDT 0:22
17-09-2022 B25Wausau Downtown ()Wausau Downtown () 11h11 CDT 11h33 CDT 0:21
17-09-2022 B25So St Paul Municipal ()Wausau Downtown () 09h04 CDT 09h56 CDT 0:51
16-09-2022 B25So St Paul Municipal ()So St Paul Municipal () 18h36 CDT 19h20 CDT 0:44
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