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Mark Thomas
Nice shots Jean-Pierre!
Great to see these wonderful birds still in service with the USN!
Hugh Somsen
A neighbor flew on of those in the Royal Cambodian Air Force. Thankfully he and family escaped.
Sorry N9341C, I did not mean to Report your entry, I thought that it says Reply and hence my confusion. I am sorry. What I wanted to say is that these wonderful planes stopped flying for the US' Navy and Air Force in 1972 but a few are kept flying privately, fortunately.
Alan Brown
Great Photo! Thanks!
ian mcdonell
what a machine
John mcGeoghan
Do they go back to WW2?
Mills Crosland
I always think of the Skyraider as the Korean and Vietnam War eras' version of today's A-10 Warthog, which also continues to fly missions far beyond the expected service life of its airframe.
Didn't John McCain crunch a couple of these early in his career?
John mcGeoghan - the design of the Douglas A-1 Skyraider was done during WWII by Ed Heinemann of Douglas Aircraft, but it did not enter U.S. Navy service until late 1946, one year after the war had ended. However, I think it's safe to say that the Skyraider does indeed "go back to WW2".
So, the designers didn't bother about a bomb-bay? Just wing-borne bombs and rockets,only.
brian dubey
when I was a combat tracker attached to 1st Cav div we got air support from the South Vietnamese flying the Douglas A-1 Skyraider They used American colors on planes and found out later that they were flown by South Vietnamese pilots
Nice shots Jean-Pierre !!!
kenneth haltom
Great shot! I used to see these aircraft come into Sigonella from the ship back in the late sixties. One even crashed there. I was told that it burst into flames in the engine compartment. The pilot bailed out safely. I recall seeing the wreckage being hauled in to the airfield on a trailer.
Thomas Burnett
What a fabulous A/C...Spent many, many hours in the
AD-5W/5Q...That should tell you how old I am.
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