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RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
At 1.13 this criminals TMT run helicopter flew over homes and shot this across my window. It is a MK Ultra operatives gone wild, every time I start my car, every time I walk out of home or into my deck or going for walk or for shopping or something else, every single time, every single day and all the time they run over head, run over my car, run over my home and post office and more....These bastards must be stopped. If anyone in Vegas know anything about them, please post here... I have documented 1000s of times and for a brief few days to week they pretended like stopped but never really stopped their MK Ultra operations, the PERPs who pilot this manually or remotely are criminals and killers, there is a possibility that they have contract with US Army/military and other thugs in Vegas funding and funneling money into their unlawful and criminal, killing activities...
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Yesterday Dec 23 too, the N44KY assassins ran over my place and car..at 16.18, when I went to pick up my mails....
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Now at 2pm, Dec24 2017:

Now at 2pm, N44KY is running amok over the mountain side in Summerlin, its front runner and supporter, supervised by PERPS piloting N539JL, a notorious loiter over vegas, N530JL just ran over my place, and N44ky came back and ran just now at 2.06pm
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
New Updates:
Every time I post pic or videos of N44KY, they immediately vanish for brief time like in days only, not long!, and then come back with much worse behavior than before?...

Today is Dec31, 2017. The above pic was posted 6 days ago, these N44KY criminals were running the helicopter the very next day and the day after?. And then they took a bit break, a bit of lull. And, what I see then, in the last three days (Dec28-Dec30)there is a different "RED" Helicopter, I could not get the tail id but got some pics to be posted yet, this RED may be used just for a change for the time being they switched or faked or changed color or something going on with TMTs N44KY. So, watch out for my next pic and updates to see that RED helicopter stalking, spying and what not, this time it is flying right on top of few people in the TPC golf course, it flew over over some of those golfers, exactly on top of them at low altitude, and then ofcourse flying across or over my home...!!

.....Hey N44KY ahos!!, there is no escape for you, one day or some day you will pay for all your criminal activities over Las Vegas Sky, so do N44KB, N44SK and several other assassins in Las Vegas sky...
On 31 Dec 2017, RguHeli Hunter posted this:

"Hey N44KY ahos!!, there is no escape for you, one day or some day you will pay for all your criminal activities over Las Vegas Sky, so do N44KB, N44SK and several other assassins in Las Vegas sky..."

A veiled threat against the aircraft and/or the pilots flying them?

Such words so stated as "there is no escape for you" and "some day you will pay for all your criminal activities" could easily be perceived that way by the FAA and other federal law enforcement authorities.

Just saying.

RguHeli Hunter... I believe it's only a matter of time before they are knocking on your door.

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