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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N3193G)


Yankee Air Museum's B-17G "Yankee Lady" (serial number 44-85829) doing an "injured" photo pass at Thunder Over Michigan 2018. She is wearing the markings of the 381st Bomb Group, 534th Bomb Squadron, based at RAF Ridgewell. My father, Richard Fisher, was a bomb loader in this unit from late 1943 to May 1945. This aircraft did not fly combat missions during World War II, as it was delivered to the USAAF on July 16, 1945 - too late for combat.


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Greg Byington
Nice shot, Darryl!
Asbjorn Holand
Great picture!
When I see this aeroplanes, my thoughts goes to WW2 and the fear the crew experienced.
serge LOTH
real LAdy indeed! I m lucky I flew once on B17
Juerg P Angehrn
Yes as a Young Boy i observed in the Summer of 1944 from The Swiss border
The bombing of Friedrichshafen on the lake of constance by the B17
werner rummens
Beautiful picture,my respect goes to the people who are trying to keep these "heroes" airborne.
John Turanin
Someone specifically decided to paint the starboard engines olive drab (or forgot to paint the port engines). Or, these engines are replacements and painting was not a priority. Or was the paint scheme specified for the group. Anyone know?

As a mentor once told me, one idiot can ask more questions than 20 professors can answer.
Meet the idiot....
Darryl FisherPhoto Uploader
The engines surfaces visible from the cockpit are painted flat olive drab, to minimize glare for the pilot/copilot
robert kennington
"Fear" indeed: "In a single 376 plane raid in August 1943, 60 B-17s were shot down. That was a 16 percent loss rate and meant 600 empty bunks in England..."
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
24-05-2019 UnknownRepublic ()Republic () 15h40 EDT 16h15 EDT 0:34
24-05-2019 B17Willow Run ()Republic () 08h43 EDT 11h41 EDT 2:57
22-05-2019 UnknownWillow Run ()Willow Run () 12h51 EDT 13h11 EDT 0:19
19-05-2019 UnknownToledo Express ()Willow Run () 14h04 EDT 14h50 EDT 0:46
18-05-2019 UnknownToledo Express ()Toledo Express () 15h18 EDT 15h45 EDT 0:26
18-05-2019 UnknownToledo Express ()Toledo Express () 13h54 EDT 14h19 EDT 0:24
18-05-2019 UnknownToledo Express ()Toledo Express () 11h57 EDT 12h18 EDT 0:21
18-05-2019 B17Toledo Express ()Toledo Express () 10h52 EDT 11h45 EDT 0:52
18-05-2019 B17Willow Run ()Toledo Express () 09h06 EDT 09h34 EDT 0:27
13-05-2019 UnknownWillow Run ()Willow Run () 13h09 EDT 14h29 EDT 1:19
13-05-2019 B17Willow Run ()Willow Run () 12h45 EDT 13h08 EDT 0:23
12-05-2019 UnknownWillow Run ()Willow Run () 14h37 EDT 16h19 EDT 1:42
11-05-2019 B17Suffolk Executive ()Willow Run () 15h00 EDT 18h00 EDT 2:59
11-05-2019 UnknownSuffolk Executive ()Suffolk Executive () 11h33 EDT 13h12 EDT (?) 1:38
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