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Douglas DC-7 (N4887C) - The recently restored Delta DC-7 on display at the Delta Flight Museum.  10/2/2021.
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Douglas DC-7 (N4887C)


The recently restored Delta DC-7 on display at the Delta Flight Museum. 10/2/2021.


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Philip BradshawPhoto Uploader
Agreed! She looks great!
serge LOTH
That was aviation!!!
Beautiful. I wonder how many trips I took on that one?
Ken Hardy
Quite a airplane, I was able to fly on one several times early in my career, I liked to sit over the wing during a night flight and observe the flight engineer set the fuel mixture from rich for takeoff to lean for cruise, the 115 oct gas made a nice blue flame coming from the stacks on the Pratt engines. Remember John Wayne in the High and Mighty movie.
Carroll Springer
I flew that DC-7 many times as both flight engineer and first officer. Nothing like an R3350 turning 3000 rpm on takeoff to make every hair on your body stand on end. Great job!
Michael Wulfsohn
Nice pic! Beautiful aircraft and I love that historic Delta livery.
George Hall
One of the last Douglas prop planes that started with the icon DC-3
William Owens
Love and Care is what you are looking at…
Dave Mathes
...a walk down memory lane...
David Mursch
Great to see these classics restored. Only one question. Why does the nose gear yoke and wheel look like plastic?
Mark Bullock
My first ever flight was in a Northwest Orient DC7C. Left Tachikawa AFB, hit Wake Midway and Hawaii before landing at Travis AFB. June of 1960, and a 24 hour journey.
Cole Neill
Wow- that brings back some childhood memories! My stepfather Graydon Todd flew this plane out of ATL. And I made several trips on it to Miami when I was about 7 years old. Smooth as silk it was. Beautiful "stewardesses" and real food. Those were the days! Thanks for sharing!
Jaime Terrassa
Jaime Terrassa
would like to se more
Michael Carden
Beautiful. Do we know if Delta is going to fly the airplane to airshows, etc?
Jim Smith
Now THAT is a real airplane!
Peter Sayers
A Great job, and nice picture. On leaning out for cruise on a WC we used 10 percent lean, a lot of noise on TO
John Saulsbury
I worked on these back in the 60’s for Delta, use to taxi and warm the engines up before first flight of the day each morning on our layover. Easy to start, very smooth running 3350’s.
Andrew Botwick
Back in 1961ish, while in the US Naval Air Force and only still
in my late teens, I was given a chance to join a crew to fly on board a Naval DC-6 from NAS Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn to Biggs Airforce Base, El Paso Tx. During the flight, and after the captain learned I got my Private Pilots license a few years before joining the Navy, I was asked if I’d like to sit right seat for a while! Needles to say it was an amazing experience. Up to that time, I only piloted assorted high wing, 2 seaters!
It wasn’t long before I was given a chance to grab the yoke!!!
What I remember most, now 50+ years later, was flying a DC-6 couldn’t have been different from driving an Elephant! I had never flown anything where I couldn’t even see the wing… or had to wait for a responce from the controls!!!
Gerald Churchill
I am a little older than the average A&P, actually a Charles Taylor Master Mechanic. I was a Mechanic at Delt's Hangar at Love Field in 1966 -68 and performed C Check on Delta's CV440, DC6 and DC7 as well as C-46 aircraft.

Thanks for the photo, recall the "Screen and Exhaust Check" very well !! Ah the P&W 3350 !!
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