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Avro RJ-100 Avroliner (VH-NJE) - Adelaide, South Australia, September 1, 2020. Jetex (Cobham) Flt 238 from Carrapateena Airport is about to touch down on Rw 05.
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Avro RJ-100 Avroliner (VH-NJE)


Adelaide, South Australia, September 1, 2020. Jetex (Cobham) Flt 238 from Carrapateena Airport is about to touch down on Rw 05.


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Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
The Carrapateena Mine is about 260 miles NNE of Adelaide and is currently served by Cobham Aviation Services for fly-in/fly-out workers.

The plane is over a mile from my location and the pic clearly suffers a little from heat distortion and significant cropping has reduced the clarity. About an hour earlier though (and a few degrees cooler) a Singapore Airlines A359 landed and the distortion in those pics rendered all of them usable. Our atmosphere does strange things.
Darryl Sarno
Nice catch!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thank you Darryl.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Correction to direction from Adelaide...should read NNW.
Gary Schenauer
Nicely timed to get it against that great green background. As always, *****.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thank you Gary. Just wish there was a closer photo spot but alas, large and high mounds inside the boundary fence at that end.
hal pushpak
Perhaps the tail cone air brakes are deployed? What is that blue I'm seeing behind #4 engine?
Greg Byington
That's a very nice shot for being so far away, Gavin! Good job! And Hal, I believe that is the tail cone on the fuselage. It splits open and acts as a speed brake or spoiler when landing. See this picture on Wikipedia to see what I mean:


Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that.
Gary Schenauer
Gavin, I know I missed it by a day but better late than never >> I hope you had a very Happy Father's Day. (Grin and a wave)
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thank you Gary, but I've never been a father - that's by design, not misfortune.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Hal, Greg is right and I posted a pic a couple of weeks ago of VH-NJQ from behind on landing - shows the speed brakes fully deployed.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thank you Greg.
mike prendergast
Nice Pic Gavin!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Mike.
Leander Williams
I never knew if the Avro was the brother or cousin of the BAE-146.
Great action! Don't get that nosewheel first!!
Tom Vance
Looks like you are 1000ft away!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
26-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 16h39 ACDT 17h09 ACDT 0:29
26-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Port Augusta () 15h53 ACDT 16h14 ACDT 0:20
26-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Carrapateena Airport () 14h17 ACDT 14h34 ACDT 0:16
26-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Port Augusta () 13h10 ACDT 13h47 ACDT 0:36
26-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 09h27 ACDT 10h04 ACDT 0:36
26-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Port Augusta () 08h43 ACDT 09h03 ACDT 0:19
26-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Carrapateena Airport () 07h25 ACDT 07h43 ACDT 0:17
26-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Port Augusta () 06h19 ACDT 06h56 ACDT 0:37
25-01-2022 RJ1HProminent Hill Mine ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 21h06 ACDT 22h07 ACDT 1:01
25-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Prominent Hill Mine () 19h51 ACDT 20h28 ACDT 0:36
25-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Port Augusta () 18h51 ACDT 19h26 ACDT 0:35
25-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 17h02 ACDT 17h45 ACDT 0:42
25-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 06h01 ACDT 06h47 ACDT 0:45
24-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 17h00 ACDT 17h44 ACDT 0:44
24-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 06h06 ACDT 06h53 ACDT 0:46
21-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 16h31 ACDT 17h10 ACDT 0:38
21-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Port Augusta () 15h52 ACDT 16h08 ACDT 0:16
21-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 14h06 ACDT 14h50 ACDT 0:43
21-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 09h02 ACDT 09h34 ACDT 0:31
21-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Port Augusta () 08h15 ACDT 08h36 ACDT 0:21
21-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Carrapateena Airport () 07h17 ACDT 07h35 ACDT 0:17
21-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Port Augusta () 06h11 ACDT 06h45 ACDT 0:34
20-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 16h48 ACDT 17h32 ACDT 0:44
20-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 15h08 ACDT 15h51 ACDT 0:42
20-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 10h35 ACDT 11h19 ACDT 0:44
20-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 08h57 ACDT 09h41 ACDT 0:44
19-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 16h43 ACDT 17h15 ACDT 0:31
19-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Port Augusta () 15h57 ACDT 16h16 ACDT 0:19
19-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Carrapateena Airport () 14h22 ACDT 14h41 ACDT 0:18
19-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Port Augusta () 13h18 ACDT 13h55 ACDT 0:36
19-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 09h25 ACDT 09h56 ACDT 0:30
19-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Port Augusta () 08h45 ACDT 09h02 ACDT 0:16
19-01-2022 RJ1HPort Augusta ()Carrapateena Airport () 07h09 ACDT 07h27 ACDT 0:17
19-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Port Augusta () 06h04 ACDT 06h38 ACDT 0:34
18-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 16h51 ACDT 17h35 ACDT 0:44
18-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 06h18 ACDT 07h02 ACDT 0:43
17-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 16h49 ACDT 17h31 ACDT 0:42
17-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 06h52 ACDT 07h38 ACDT 0:46
14-01-2022 RJ1HProminent Hill Mine ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 11h05 ACDT 12h11 ACDT 1:06
14-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Prominent Hill Mine () 09h18 ACDT 10h21 ACDT 1:02
13-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 17h01 ACDT 17h42 ACDT 0:41
13-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 15h00 ACDT 15h45 ACDT 0:45
13-01-2022 RJ1HCarrapateena Airport ()Int'l d'Adélaïde () 13h00 ACDT 13h43 ACDT 0:43
13-01-2022 RJ1HInt'l d'Adélaïde ()Carrapateena Airport () 11h28 ACDT 12h14 ACDT 0:46
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