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Fokker 100 (VH-XWS) - Adelaide, South Australia, May 11. 2020. Alliance Fokker 100 departs runway 05 for mining town, Moomba in South Australia’s north.
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Fokker 100 (VH-XWS)


Adelaide, South Australia, May 11. 2020. Alliance Fokker 100 departs runway 05 for mining town, Moomba in South Australia’s north.


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Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
These flights carry fly-in, fly-out workers to the gas field at Moomba and for now only on weekdays but even then, not every day. Alliance also serves another mining town, Olympic Dam, but with Fokker 50s. Moomba’s currently the only one with jet service and there had been talk some time ago that F70s would replace F100s but aside from the occasional F70 appearing here, F100s have remained the mainstay of the service.

This was also testing out a new Sigma 100-400 mm lens on a Nikon D7500 to see what it was capable of. The plane is about a mile from the photo location, the photo was cropped, but is about the sensible limit for a relatively good shot. Beyond that, details get even softer.
Amazing how this is almost exact replica of DC9 Series (Did someone steal designs?)
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Hi Richard, tried a Nikon and Tamron of the same zoom. The Sigma's stabilzation is certainly not as good as claimed (at least on the one I got) but its sharpness is superb even edge to edge, beating the others hands down - better than it looks in this pic which suffers from distance and cropping the pic on a Dx camera sensor. Even my (now former) full frame D750's sensor couldn't do much better. I've just invested in the big time, so here's hoping the money was worth it.
Steve Vit
Top shot Gavin!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Steve.
Tom Vance
awesome snap.....5x and love the names of the towns in Oz!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Tom. A lot of names are aboriginal which can sound strange, let alone trying to spell SOME of them. If you want a laugh, Google the meaning of 'Moomba'.
mike prendergast
Nice action shot Gavin-Must get over there when things open up.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Mike. You shouldn't be that far off being able to get over here IF NO ONE DOES ANYTHING STUPID! Be good to try to meet and greet if possible.
Robert Cowling
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
25-10-2021 F100Leinster ()Perth () 08h46 AWST 09h49 AWST En vol
25-10-2021 F100Perth ()Leinster () 07h01 AWST 08h01 AWST (?) 0:59
22-10-2021 F100Mount Keith ()Perth () 16h36 AWST 17h46 AWST 1:10
22-10-2021 F100Perth ()Mount Keith () 14h46 AWST 15h43 AWST 0:56
22-10-2021 F100The Granites ()Perth () 11h25 ACST 12h49 AWST 2:54
22-10-2021 F100Alice Springs ()The Granites () 08h43 ACST 09h33 ACST (?) 0:50
22-10-2021 F100Int'l de Brisbane ()Alice Springs () 05h47 AEST 08h09 ACST 2:51
21-10-2021 F100Townsville Int'l / RAAF ()Int'l de Brisbane () 19h57 AEST 21h37 AEST 1:40
21-10-2021 F100The Monument ()Townsville Int'l / RAAF () 17h57 AEST 19h05 AEST 1:08
21-10-2021 F100Townsville Int'l / RAAF ()The Monument () 15h36 AEST 16h51 AEST (?) 1:14
21-10-2021 F100Int'l de Brisbane ()Townsville Int'l / RAAF () 13h09 AEST 14h50 AEST 1:40
18-10-2021 F100Emerald ()Int'l de Brisbane () 08h58 AEST 10h01 AEST 1:02
18-10-2021 F100Int'l de Brisbane ()Emerald () 06h51 AEST 08h01 AEST 1:10
14-10-2021 F100Cloncurry ()Int'l de Brisbane () 17h42 AEST 19h32 AEST 1:50
14-10-2021 F100Int'l de Brisbane ()Cloncurry () 14h10 AEST 16h45 AEST (?) 2:34
13-10-2021 F100Ballera ()Int'l de Brisbane () 10h18 AEST 11h47 AEST 1:29
13-10-2021 F100Int'l de Brisbane ()Ballera () 07h19 AEST 09h10 AEST 1:50
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