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Travis Mauldin
Where is FIFI flying at?? Great shot, Tia.
Geoff Anthony
When I was a kid, I built an 'Airfix' model of this bird. For the era, these were the pinnacle of technology and a true testament to what can be achieved through adversity.
Love this plane, love this shot
Great angle.
Don Whyte
Better start those engines man
Thomas Clark
They are obviously using a baby brownie camera to catch the props stopped....DUH!!!
Tia BeetlePhoto Uploader
That was at the Mather AFB airshow in Sacramento. Bummed out that I had the shutter speed so high and froze the props. :-(
Toute a fait. Quel rapport a le secret minceur de Celine, avec l'aviation ?
Karl Scribner
Just a prototype for all those static display models...
Hold on -- those P&Ws are synch'd right on!
Nice shot of FIFI Tia.

This B-29 used the Wright R-3350-57AM series engines until the CAF had too many problems and was approved to use a combination of parts from R-3350-95W and R-3350-26WD engines.
Charles Gaynor
I was lucky enough to fly on board Fifi back when she was first re-born. She was and is absolutely magnificent! Great shot! Thank you!
John Turanin
Had the pleasure of riding in the aft gunner section at Mather the day before this photo was taken. Sat where my father was stationed when he was a left gunner/scanner in 1945 out of Guam in the 315th Bomb Wing, what a treat. The views from the gun blisters and the tail position are incredible. A spectacular aircraft, and Fifi's crew are an exceptional team of professionals.
Joseph Immermann
Excellent shot - perfectly framed. I wouldn't fret over the shutter speed - kind of refreshing perspective to see props.
Jerry Lentz
The fast shutter speed does reveal that the props are almost perfectly in sync with #2 being just a few degrees behind.
Mark Colvin
Since you cannot synchronize actual shaft position, it reveals some EXTRAORDINARY luck in timing. Good job.
Mark Colvin
PS: I've had the same (shutter speed) issue, since you have to be very deliberate in avoiding high speeds in daylight. It's not usually the thing on your mind when you are experiencing the excitement of seeing the old girl flying over you!
Holy Cow boys & girls. The props are, yes, beautifully in sync because of an experienced flight engineer. You know, the guy made redundant in jets. Flew an Air Force, Wein Alaska DC-4 charter to Alaska in '59. You can feel an out of sync prop throughout the aircraft. Those engines needed continuous tweaking to stay in sync. 43 or 3350's no exception.
Congrats for this excellent photo and to the crew that keeps FIFI flying.

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