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Luc Barbier
And the right message from the sky.
Is this for real or Photoshopped?
REAL..............for an unreal situation.
John GiambonePhoto Uploader
Dick56...it is real.
Frank Barber
I knew that these new aircraft are smart, but this one in smarter than most red state residents based on my travels. I am very proud that our airlines are trying to protect us. Just got off a Delta Flight yesterday and they are doing a no-bull shot job of enforcing all the standards that are recommended by our medical community. You have heard the saying, "Everyone has a right to their own opinion", however I had a very smart boss once who posted a saying to which is far more wise and which says,"Nobody is entitled to a uninformed opinion". If you are not going to get informed, then keep your mouth shut. Your thoughts are not worth hearing. So stop buying the snake oil. As a very wise politician said, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I think blue is a nice color for the mask against the blue sky and the blue cheat line.
Jimmy McClung
Thanks for sharing your political views on a aircraft photo forum, Frank Barber! Well done!

Keep in mind there are people who would consider your opinions as uninformed and would encourage you to "keep your mouth shut" as "your thoughts are not worth hearing". Also, you should spellcheck your post before launching an attempt at sounding intelligent.
John GiambonePhoto Uploader
I agree with Jimmy, let's keep the politics off of aviation web sites. Most folks have their own FB or Twitter pages they can post their viewpoints too. We don't need them here, I do not care which side of the spectrum you fall on, left, right, in the middle, mask, no mask, I don't care, I don't want to hear/see it here. Let's keep it strictly aviation. It's a hybrid scheme, and that alone makes it cool, whether you agree with the message or not. It's different. I just want to go to a aviation friendly place where I don't have to listen to more social/p.c. discussions. I am weary and exhausted from both sides of those debates. They do not belong here. Thank You...now...on to football! LOL!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
26-11-2020 B748Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson d'Atlanta ()Luxembourg-Findel () 01h35 EST 15h00 CET En vol
25-11-2020 B748Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson d'Atlanta () 20h40 CST 23h04 EST 1:24
25-11-2020 B748Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson d'Atlanta () 20h40 CST 23h05 EST 1:25
25-11-2020 B748Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 05h51 AKST 14h18 CST 5:27
25-11-2020 B748Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 13h09 CST 04h02 AKST 7:52
25-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Près de Zhengzhou, Henan 05h23 +07 Last seen 10h35 CST 4:12
24-11-2020 B748Tbilisi Int'l ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 19h27 +04 02h03 +07 (+1) 3:35
24-11-2020 B744Luxembourg-Findel ()Tbilisi Int'l () 10h03 CET 16h44 +04 3:40
23-11-2020 B748Int'l John-F.-Kennedy ()Luxembourg-Findel () 08h50 EST 21h09 CET 6:19
22-11-2020 B748Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Int'l John-F.-Kennedy () 18h43 AKST 04h48 EST (+1) 6:05
23-11-2020 B748Int'l de Hong Kong ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 01h55 HKT 17h32 AKST (-1) 8:36
22-11-2020 B748Int'l de Kuala Lumpur ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 20h34 +08 23h56 HKT 3:22
22-11-2020 B744Seeb Int'l ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 08h09 +04 20h24 HKT (?) 8:15
21-11-2020 B744Luxembourg-Findel ()Seeb Int'l () 20h49 CET 06h02 +04 (+1) 6:12
21-11-2020 B748Al Maktoum Int'l ()Luxembourg-Findel () 12h19 +04 15h59 CET 6:40
21-11-2020 B748Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 08h01 +07 10h54 +04 (?) 5:52
21-11-2020 B744Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan ()Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok () 04h12 CST 06h12 +07 2:59
20-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan () 17h47 +07 01h11 CST (+1) 6:24
19-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 22h27 CET 10h07 +07 (+1) 5:40
18-11-2020 B748Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Luxembourg-Findel () 23h05 PST 16h55 CET (+1) 8:49
18-11-2020 B748Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 18h15 PST 20h35 PST 2:19
18-11-2020 B744Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 18h15 PST 20h34 PST 2:19
18-11-2020 B748Int'l de Glasgow Prestwick ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 13h53 GMT 16h12 PST 10:19
18-11-2020 B744Int'l de Glasgow Prestwick ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 13h52 GMT 16h11 PST 10:18
18-11-2020 B744Luxembourg-Findel ()Int'l de Glasgow Prestwick () 12h10 CET 12h30 GMT 1:20
17-11-2020 B748Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Luxembourg-Findel () 16h37 CST 06h52 CET (+1) 7:15
17-11-2020 B748Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 05h16 AKST 13h17 CST 5:00
17-11-2020 B748Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 12h14 CST 03h27 AKST 8:12
17-11-2020 UnknownNovosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Près de Zhengzhou, Henan 03h21 +07 Last seen 08h17 CST 3:55
16-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 09h47 CET 21h52 +07 6:04
16-11-2020 B748Al Maktoum Int'l ()Luxembourg-Findel () 02h47 +04 06h40 CET 6:52
15-11-2020 B748Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 21h37 +07 00h34 +04 (+1) (?) 5:56
15-11-2020 B748Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan ()Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok () 17h53 CST 20h09 +07 3:16
15-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan () 07h47 +07 15h24 CST 6:37
14-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 18h08 CET 06h00 +07 (+1) 5:52
14-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Luxembourg-Findel () 15h44 +07 15h44 CET 6:00
14-11-2020 B748Près de Zhengzhou, HenanNovosibirsk Tolmachevo () First seen 09h30 CST 13h00 +07 4:30
14-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Près de Zhengzhou, Henan 01h03 +07 Last seen 05h52 CST 3:48
13-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 10h50 CET 22h51 +07 6:01
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