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A difficult shot to get right!


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Mark Thomas
The effort paid off Frank, excellent shot!
Dave Sheehy
Nice work Frank, and thanks for the photo info.5*
Frank GollnerPhoto Uploader
Thanks Mark and Dave. I have learned that the B712, will soon replace the B738, on some if not all flights between Townsville and Brisbane, so when this flew in that night I was pleasantly surprised, originally thinking it was a C-17 I backed up to a preset position knowing I would get the whole aircraft in, no zoom with primes! Then a B712 flew into view, unfortunately I was way to far away for this smaller aircraft which accounted for the out of focus side shots, which normally a more likely to be in focus, the shot you see above normally is out of focus, luckily for me this time was in focus and able to be used. It really is a hit and miss process.

The other challenge with aviation night photo's, is not being able to see the plane clearly in the view finder frame, as you clearly would get during the day, so a lot of shots were unusable, cutting of the nose or tail, etc.

Also, it helps if you position yourself where there is a lot of ambient light from below, in my case a car dealership with lots of quality light bounced up into the fuselage, which helps fill in the fuselage, normally left in the dark.
Greg Byington
Well done, Frank!
Frank GollnerPhoto Uploader
Thanks, Greg!
Ed Jones
Great shot! I can never get the dark shots. I guess I need better equipment (and some luck).

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