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DC3, with dent from bird strike, taxiing at Duxford Air Museum.


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Dent or not dent the most beautiful flying machine ever, aesthetics and sound (P&W 1830-92a)
Frank GollnerPhoto Uploader
Totally agree!
What kind of bird??? Yikes. Beautiful shot and aircraft!
Rob Lamb
Used to fly in these all around Brazil in the 1960's. Best flight was Sao Paulo to Iguaçu Falls, maybe four/five stops. Often the airports would be closed for one reason or another, and the pilots would just land on the highway nearby. Varig did provide G-R-E-A-T boxed lunches along the way, and those Brazillian flight attendants were G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.
Peter Maas
Flew from Surabaya,Indonesia to Djakarta in this aircraft when I was 3years old. DC-3 is also the C-47 in the U.S.AIR FORCE. A real workhorse and never crash. The C-47's were used in World War 11 to pull gliders in the combat zones. Very good Aircraft.
James Kelly
Awesome pic - love the twin ADF antenna, one of the rirst flights (I remember) was a CAT DC-3 out of Taipei around 1960
Richard Myers
1981, I was a 'Spook" rider, the sub let me off in Chinhae, South Korea. I showed up at the airport for the flight back to take me back home to Northern Japan.
They drove us out to one of these, I was very intrigued. She was a Navy bird.
I remember looking out the window and seeing the ROK coast. Then I read a few pages
and again looked out the window, only to still see the ROK coast.
Indeed, it was not like flying a jet aircraft.
I remember tossing up my seabag and then jumping up into the plane. What an awesome experience!
Thank you for the picture!

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