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Sikorsky S-58T (N58AH) - Come at me "Big Dawg".
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Sikorsky S-58T (N58AH)


Come at me "Big Dawg".


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Paul Wisgerhof
Sikorsky S-58ET
Doug Fitzsimmons
Love it. My favorite helicopter. Wish I had one.
Left tire looks soft.
BayAreaAviationPhoto Uploader
Most of the tires are pretty low on air but it still flies!
Gary Schenauer
Gave this the full five yesterday (it is worth higher), and I was typing out this comment when the phone rang and I never got back 'til today. That high sun straight up overhead could really have had a detrimental impact on the shot but instead, it is a No Factor issue. Exceptionally well handled. And the off-center presentation here is unique, too. (To me, unique is always an important aspect.) !5! and a tip of my photog's cap to you, Chris.
Jim Turner
My dad flew an H-34 in Vietnam and we owned an S-58J, and did heavy lift with it. Loved the BIG radial engine. If it wasn't leaking oil, it was out....
James Wilson Jr
Air America started flying The S-58 in January 1961 in Laos with aircraft sold to them by the US Marine Corps Squadron HMR-163.They later were installing The PT-6T to gain more altitude.( Higher altitude + Less machine gun hits)
Nick Brady
Love it! Brings back many fond memories of flying the Mighty Wessex - with 2 X Rolls Royce Gnome engines, she was an amazing helicopter to operate.
Arthur Moss
I worked 2nd Level Maint. on the CH-34A in the Army 59-62', including Germany. The turbine addition served the LA County Sheriff for many years. Had 4 armed ships at Ft. Knox in 59'.
Is this in San Jose, Ca? Nice shot.
BayAreaAviationPhoto Uploader
Thanks all for the comments.

Gary - The lighting was pretty difficult but I made it work. With just a few minor edits and with the angle of the photo I had it came out surprisingly well.

Jim - Did you own a personal S58J? That's pretty impressive! Gotta love those radials.

tlharnish - Yes this was taken at my local airport Reid Hillview in San Jose, CA. It's still at Reid as of 3 hours ago when I was last there.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
28-06-2022 S58TCorona Muni ()Près de San Bernardino, CA 07h33 PDT Last seen 07h48 PDT 0:14
25-06-2022 S58TRecreation and Conference Center ()Corona Muni () 09h59 PDT 10h08 PDT (?) 0:08
25-06-2022 S58TPrès de Corona, CARecreation and Conference Center () First seen 07h54 PDT 08h09 PDT 0:14
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