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Dwight Hartje
What a classic bird!
Geoff Anthony
Wooow! Amazing shot, really fantastic
Greg Byington
now that is an aeroplane!!!
Tomer Ariav
B-17 or am I mistaken?
Charles Gaynor
GREAT shot! Love the warbirds!!! Thank you.
W. Lee Mikell
EAA Aluminium Overcast, yes?
Bruce Anthony
Great shot! Thanks for your sharing!
werner rummens
This bird is still in a very good condition,just beautiful :)
Jim Dahl
My dad was a flight engineer and top turret gunner on a B-17 in WWII. I had the opportunity to go up in a classic flying fortress a few years ago and spend some time in every crew position. The views from top turret and the navigator/bombardier position in the nose are fantastic.
Alden Sewell
Geotgous . best b- 17 shot i have ever seen.
Neil Klapthor
Beautiful shot! I love these old planes.
My father-in-law was shot down over Italy as a B-17 co-pilot. All crewmembers were able to bail out and survived though some were captured. About three years ago, a ball turret gun was found 300' down on the bottom of a volcanic lake (Lake Bolsena). Very interesting story about the crew's "adventures" and how the remains of the plane were eventually linked to my father-in-law and his crew. There's a book coming out about it written by the Italian man who recovered the ball turret. You can Google it too...it was on Discovery.
Flemming Jensen
Beautiful picture, I hope the sacrifices of our past heroes will never be forgotten and appreciated.
Travis Mauldin
O H M Y G O S H!!!!
Russ Hodes
I think it's "Aluminum Overcast" from the CAF in Midland, Texas.
Gorgeous restoration - awesome just listening to them fire up the engines !
Michael Gaeta
A Beautiful Bird...........................
Linda machina,...beutiful machine....long life,...
David cory
Awesome picture of a great plane. Does anyone know if those are two 50 cal machine guns protruding out of the sides of the plane in the nose? If so, were these added later in the war to help fight off German fighters whose tactic was to attach from the front?
Phil Scarr
trennor turcotte
Yea Great shot, what is it?

Tomer Ariav about 11 hours ago
B-17 or am I mistaken?

Yea it would be nice if shooters would identify their aircraft; and failing the ability to do so, ask.
Jim Newton
Most beautiful A/C to ever grace the skies. I have often thought of asking Boeing to retool and build a commerative aircraft as a memorial to the brave young men who flew these birds.
Jim Newton
She is a B-17G (identifiable by the bendix chin turret under the nose. Yes, those are .50 caliber machine guns; most Flying Fortresses had at least 10 firing from varying positions.
cary pino
Our World War II Heroes...Amazing picture.
Beautiful!plane and picture.
gwapo santa
John StanfieldPhoto Uploader
As mentioned in some of the previous comments, the B-17 has the name "Aluminum Overcast". I took this photo in May, 2014, at the Spirit of St Louis Airport Air Show in Chesterfield, MO (suburb of St Louis).
adriano reganzani
Bellissima foto. Grande aeroplano !!!
Peter West
Great image John - shutter speed looks spot on and the crop enhances photo. The B17 like the Lancaster, Mustang, Spitfire and Hurricane has become a timeless classic.
Yvon Dionne
John please include information thanks.
David Swinburne
Magnificent capture.
There's a great photo. The WW2 Warbirds never loose the beauty of design and function.
John Yarno
Every time I see one of these, I am reminded this was the bomber that won the war in Europe. These were the birds that went in in daylight, when you could see your target, and bombed the hell out of Germany. You may disagree with me, but God bless the brave crews who died by the hundreds on each and every raid, to inch us a bit closer to the end.
Peter Maas
very nice photo. Another beauty of World War II.
More aircraft like these should be preserved for future generations to admire. Great photo.
What a great picture of a very beautiful aircraft.
John Giambone

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