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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (VH-ZND)
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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (VH-ZND)



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Viv Pike
I see a strange flight currently in the skies.
This aircraft VH-ZND is currently en route from Melbourne YMML to Johannesburg FAOR, left YMML at 11:42 AEST and due in FAOR at 16:00 SAST after some 12 hours 15 minutes flying time.
What makes this "strange" is that we never get flights from Melbourne into SA, and our borders are currently closed. Also, the flight number QFA7025 is not a "normal" flight number. So therefore this is either a freight-only flight (what freight from YMML to SA?), or it might be a repatriation flight (I thought those were done already).
Anybody have any ideas? Chris, Gavin, etc. ?
Joan Williams
No, Idea Viv. Maybe a glitch?!
Viv Pike
Hi Dean. Nope, not a "glitch" in the system. I picked this flight up on FR24 heading this way, and see that FA is also tracking it. It will enter our airspace soon, to land in about 2.5 - 3.0 hrs from now.
Gavin Hughes
Hi Viv, would expect a repat flight. There have been a few repat flights into MEL and SYD very recently and we've even had two into here (posted a couple of Lion Air A330s last week). Doubt a passenger aircraft would be utilised for freight only when there ample freighters working.
Viv Pike
Hi Gavin. Yes, I am tending to agree with you that this particular flight was for repat. I was watching a few flights landing at FAOR (usually "normal" pax birds) from BA, Ethiopian, Qatar, Emirates, et al, and they ALL went and parked on the Cargo Ramp. However, this particular Qantas flight pulled up and parked at Gate A6 at the passenger terminal. I assume she will make her way back down under some time today. Take care and stay safe.
Viv Pike
Gavin - sorry, I forgot to mention, they are indeed utilising (proper English spelling) passenger aircraft for pure cargo - they even load some cargo into the passenger deck and strap them to the seats. Airlines are doing all they can to turn a few bucks.
Did he/she track as far to the south as the QF B744's used to do going SYD-JNB? Thanks for this heads up Viv..
Good point Viv. I recall flying seat loaded cargo in F27's in the '80's.
Viv Pike
Chris - yeah, pretty much flew a very similar track to the SYD-JNB route, albeit slightly more north. Here is the track-log.
Cheers for their track Viv!
Gavin Hughes
I'd not heard of freight in seats before (except for bush flights) but that's just my lack of knowledge so this thread had another bonus. Cheers and thanks all. Stay safe.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
01-07-2022 B789Sydney ()Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth () 16h08 AEST 15h49 CDT En vol
29-06-2022 B789Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth ()Sydney () 23h22 CDT 06h27 AEST (+2) 16:04
29-06-2022 B789Sydney ()Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth () 16h15 AEST 16h06 CDT 14:51
28-06-2022 B789OR Tambo Int'l ()Sydney () 18h31 SAST 13h49 AEST (+1) 11:17
28-06-2022 B789Sydney ()OR Tambo Int'l () 10h37 AEST 16h11 SAST 13:33
26-06-2022 B789Int'l de Los Angeles ()Sydney () 09h54 PDT 17h04 AEST (+1) 14:09
26-06-2022 B789Sydney ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 10h50 AEST 06h42 PDT 12:51
24-06-2022 B789Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth ()Sydney () 23h24 CDT 06h22 AEST (+2) 15:57
24-06-2022 B789Sydney ()Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth () 15h58 AEST 15h54 CDT 14:55
22-06-2022 B789Int'l de Los Angeles ()Sydney () 23h10 PDT 06h11 AEST (+2) 14:00
22-06-2022 B789Melbourne ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 22h07 AEST 18h53 PDT 13:45
22-06-2022 B789Perth ()Melbourne () 14h19 AWST 19h13 AEST 2:53
21-06-2022 B789Londres Heathrow ()Perth () 12h32 BST 11h48 AWST (+1) 16:15
20-06-2022 B789Perth ()Londres Heathrow () 19h24 AWST 04h50 BST (+1) 16:25
20-06-2022 B789Melbourne ()Perth () 15h41 AEST 17h09 AWST 3:27
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