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Boeing 707-100


The opening earlier this year of the TWA Hotel at KJFK in New York reminded me that I had this photo so I went looking for it yesterday and finally found it at the bottom of a pile of old print pictures.
I'll apologize for the less-than-primo quality of this Kodacolor 620 film print, but it was taken in 1967 so it is a 52 year old photograph. The camera used was a Kodak Bullseye.
It shows a TWA B707 at a gate of the Trans World Airlines Flight Center terminal at JFK. The terminal had opened five years earlier (1962) and its fabulous futuristic design resembling a bird in flight made it a "must see" stop for anyone who passed thru JFK. Pictures of TWA's aircraft at the gates could be taken while standing in the central section of the main terminal area, and this photo was taken from there. The very top of the tail of a TWA B727 parked at another gate is just barely visible in the background.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I was 17 years old on the day I flew to NYC from Buffalo in order to do some aviation photography. I had two Kodak cameras that day: the Bullseye and a Brownie. I also had a Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera (silent). All three cameras were hanging from my neck so by the time my one-day trip from Buffalo to New York City and then back to Buffalo was finished, I had a very sore neck. lol Flew out of Buffalo on Mohawk to Newark early one morning, did photos and movies at Newark until noon; then took a bus from Newark to Manhattan and another from Manhattan to Kennedy, did photos and movies at Kennedy all afternoon, and then flew out of Kennedy on Mohawk back to Buffalo in the evening. It was a very busy day, but it was waaaay worth it. Then the very next day, I flew from Buffalo to Boston, spent the day at Logan, and flew back to Buffalo that evening. And the total round trip air fare for BOTH days of flights was ..... $25.00. TOTAL! For two days of roundtrip flights. Man, do I miss THOSE days!
Gary... the panel van service vehicle parked on the ramp beside this photo of your TWA B707 looks much like an early 1960's GMC... :-)
Tom Vance
Holy Moly___ this almost looks like SFO looking east 'cept the TWA gates were not in this position at SFO.' What happened to your 8mm films? I love the flight iternary and at 17-18yrs you qualify for Aviation expert and I bet you were the only one doing this at that time...
Nice one Gary! You reminded me of one of these aircraft so I unburied it and posted it this morning.
I was on leave in the service and around 23 I believe. Got any more?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff, I'm certain you are correct (re: the van's make and year). Alien, nah, nowhere near being expert. Andre holds that distinction. I don't think there is anything he does not know about aviation. Rich, I do, but most are pretty beat up and time-worn. Also, many are not closeups, so when I get time I scan them and then try to restore, crop, and enlarge them so the actual aircraft is "closer." They don't come out very well, but they are viewable and the older coots like me, Cliff, you?, enjoy seeing them so I post one every so often. And BTW, I'll be checking your post. I love seeing pics from back then. (Wave of my spotter's cap)

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