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CURTISS Warhawk (N85104) - A Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk / Warhawk (N85104 / NL85104 ... ex 42-105192 ... ex RCAF 858) makes a low pass during the Wings Over Solano 2022 Open House and Airshow at Travis AFB (KSUU).
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CURTISS Warhawk (N85104)


A Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk / Warhawk (N85104 / NL85104 ... ex 42-105192 ... ex RCAF 858) makes a low pass during the Wings Over Solano 2022 Open House and Airshow at Travis AFB (KSUU).


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Greg Byington
Well done, Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
TY, Greg, and (I must say) "back at ya." Yours of this one are superb!! (Wave)
Greg Byington
You're welcome, and thanks a bunch!
Gavin Hughes
A mighty shot showing there's no problem taking shots with the sun on the 'wrong' side if they're well executed, no to mention a superb subject. Hats off to you sir for a magnificent catch.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin ... Yep, the sun is not in an optimal location. Travis has parallel runways (21L-3R and 21R-3L); however, although they ARE parallel, they are offset. 21R actually begins just east of where 21L ends (at the 3R end of the other runway). When Travis has its Open House events, the crowds are permitted on to the apron that is east of runway 21R-3L because that runway is closest to the apron; thus, the takeoffs, landings, flyovers, and flybys all are performed on - and over - that runway. In the early morning, the sun comes up in the SE but by the time the opening ceremonies take place and the air performances begin at 11 AM, the sun is high and a bit SW of 21R-3L ... while the public is on the apron just east of that runway with the sun above (and in front of) them. So, as you noted here, when the air performers pass by, the shaded (unlit) side of their aircraft often faces the crowd as seen here. There isn't anything that can be done about it so photogs just have to compensate. Later in the afternoon, after 2:30 PM or so and until the event closes, the sun has moved more to the WNW and better illuminates the performing aircraft.
ken kemper

Beautiful Shot / You have a Winner and my favorite of the Week.

That P-40 is a classic
Justin Smith
I know the P-51 is the king of all American WWII fighters to most but the lines on a P-40 to me are just more beautiful. When you slap the tiger's mouth on one too, oy. It just gets me for days. That being said, I'd take either one if someone offered them to me!
David Mursch
Great picture! My father went to China in 1944 and was assigned to 25th Fighter Sq. He flew into theater in a brand new P-51. He remembers thinking "This is the way to go to war". Upon arrival the Sq Commander appropriated the new Mustang as his and Dad ended up with a tired, old P-40. What a letdown. He soon got his own Mustang and survived the war.
Neil Klapthor
Very nice shot! What a cool looking aircraft.
Darryl Sarno
Fantastic Gary!
jesse kyzer
Beautiful shot! Had a former 'boss' who flew them in Africa, early in the war. Got shot down in one in '42 or '43 in France, and became a 'guest' for the duration.

Guess he needed God for a co-pilot!
Excellent shot, and thanks for the ID details!
marylou anderson
AWE-some shot
Great job
Andre Blanchard
Amazing shot Gary!
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10-08-2022 UnknownChino ()Chino () 09h31 PDT 09h50 PDT 0:18
06-08-2022 UnknownChino ()Chino () 16h19 PDT 16h33 PDT 0:13
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