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Embraer ERJ-135 (N259JX) - The "Top Gun Maverick" livery jet in JSX's fleet (N259JX) made its first visit to RNO on 8 May 22.
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Embraer ERJ-135 (N259JX)


The "Top Gun Maverick" livery jet in JSX's fleet (N259JX) made its first visit to RNO on 8 May 22.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
A cast member from the movie had been slated to be on this aircraft but the person was unable to make the flight.
Gavin Hughes
Tempted to a 'wow' on this for a great angle. Embraer's longer noses just call for it. In respect of the movie, after 2+ years wait, it appears promotion now will be full tilt.
Dwight Hartje
Fabulous ground shot of the JSX E135 in the Top Gun Maverick livery, Gary! I'm excited to see the film and hopefully the plane.
Agree on the great perspective - really captures the Embraer's clean looks. Can't wait for the film!
Wow, I’m surprised the promotion went as far as getting cast members to take some flights.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin, Dwight, and Don >>> Hey, Thanx, guys. Appreciate the kind words. The weather was turning from sunny to shxxty so I was fortunate to get this before those clouds in the distance came floating over on the west wind.
Masonite >> Not on every JSX flight, but on a fair number of them. And this one (KBUR-KRNO-KBUR) was supposed to be one of the flights, but the cast person was delayed in So Cal (traffic, probably) so the flight finally departed Burbank.
sal derosa
Great photo! Not a fan of Tom Cruise or Top Gun. Just moving billboard….

I see they don’t fly this more than an hour at a time. Save those airframe hours.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Sal .... I'm with you re: TC in TG. (However, I liked him as Jack Reacher in those two movies.) If I were able to tell you how he interacted with the movie crew and Navy personnel while he was at NAS Fallon filming Top Gun Maverick, you'd like him much less. (Let's just say -- Ultra Prima D-nna. I was dismayed. Changed my opinion of him One Eighty Degrees.) Anyway, TY for the compli about this snap.
Darryl Sarno
Great shot Gary!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
01-07-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l McCarran () 18h35 PDT 19h45 PDT Prévue
01-07-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l d'Oakland () 16h35 PDT 17h41 PDT Prévue
01-07-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l d'Oakland () 14h08 PDT 14h38 PDT 0:30
01-07-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l McCarran () 14h08 PDT Dérouté
01-07-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l d'Oakland () 12h04 PDT 13h12 PDT 1:08
30-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 14h53 PDT 15h35 PDT 0:42
30-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Bob Hope () 12h26 PDT 13h09 PDT 0:42
30-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 10h33 PDT 11h14 PDT 0:41
29-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Bob Hope () 20h13 PDT 20h57 PDT 0:44
29-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 18h43 PDT 19h27 PDT 0:43
29-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Bob Hope () 17h04 PDT 17h57 PDT 0:52
29-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l d'Oakland () 15h20 PDT 16h12 PDT 0:51
29-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Bob Hope () 13h53 PDT 14h34 PDT 0:41
27-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 10h01 PDT 10h44 PDT 0:43
25-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Bob Hope () 15h43 PDT 16h34 PDT 0:50
24-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l McCarran () 18h57 PDT 20h15 PDT 1:17
24-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l d'Oakland () 17h08 PDT 18h17 PDT 1:08
24-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l McCarran () 15h10 PDT 16h18 PDT 1:08
24-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l d'Oakland () 12h44 PDT 13h37 PDT 0:52
24-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Bob Hope () 11h06 PDT 11h59 PDT 0:52
24-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l d'Oakland () 09h10 PDT 10h12 PDT 1:02
24-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()John-Wayne () 07h05 PDT 08h13 PDT 1:08
23-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l d'Oakland () 20h24 PDT 21h26 PDT 1:01
23-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()John-Wayne () 18h28 PDT 19h33 PDT 1:04
23-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l d'Oakland () 16h33 PDT 17h27 PDT 0:54
23-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Bob Hope () 14h58 PDT 15h50 PDT 0:51
23-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l d'Oakland () 12h41 PDT 13h33 PDT 0:51
23-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Bob Hope () 11h07 PDT 12h00 PDT 0:52
23-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l d'Oakland () 09h09 PDT 10h10 PDT 1:00
23-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()John-Wayne () 07h07 PDT 08h12 PDT 1:05
22-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l d'Oakland () 16h44 PDT 17h50 PDT 1:06
22-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 11h47 PDT 12h46 PDT 0:59
22-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Bob Hope () 07h18 PDT 08h02 PDT 0:44
21-06-2022 E135Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l McCarran () 18h37 PDT 19h47 PDT 1:10
21-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l d'Oakland () 16h49 PDT 17h56 PDT 1:06
21-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l McCarran () 13h40 PDT 14h20 PDT 0:39
21-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()John-Wayne () 11h54 PDT 12h36 PDT 0:42
21-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 08h58 PDT 09h37 PDT 0:38
21-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Bob Hope () 07h10 PDT 07h56 PDT 0:45
20-06-2022 E135Int'l de San Diego ()Int'l McCarran () 20h14 PDT 21h03 PDT 0:49
20-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de San Diego () 18h43 PDT 19h29 PDT 0:46
20-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l McCarran () 16h54 PDT 17h33 PDT 0:39
20-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()John-Wayne () 15h33 PDT 16h15 PDT 0:42
20-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l McCarran () 13h44 PDT 14h24 PDT 0:39
20-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()John-Wayne () 12h06 PDT 12h48 PDT 0:42
20-06-2022 E135Int'l de San Diego ()Int'l McCarran () 08h56 PDT 09h49 PDT 0:53
20-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de San Diego () 07h20 PDT 08h04 PDT 0:44
19-06-2022 E135Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l McCarran () 20h55 PDT 21h37 PDT 0:41
19-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 18h58 PDT 19h42 PDT 0:43
19-06-2022 E135Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 17h19 PDT 17h56 PDT 0:37
19-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Bob Hope () 15h38 PDT 16h24 PDT 0:45
19-06-2022 E135Reno/Tahoe Intl ()Int'l McCarran () 13h18 PDT 14h12 PDT 0:54
19-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Reno/Tahoe Intl () 11h33 PDT 12h34 PDT 1:00
19-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l McCarran () 09h43 PDT 10h22 PDT 0:39
19-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()John-Wayne () 08h09 PDT 08h51 PDT 0:41
18-06-2022 E135Int'l de San Diego ()Int'l McCarran () 20h11 PDT 20h58 PDT 0:46
18-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de San Diego () 18h32 PDT 19h20 PDT 0:48
18-06-2022 E135John-Wayne ()Int'l McCarran () 17h00 PDT 17h45 PDT 0:45
18-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()John-Wayne () 15h09 PDT 15h54 PDT 0:44
18-06-2022 E135Int'l de San Diego ()Int'l McCarran () 09h04 PDT 09h54 PDT 0:50
18-06-2022 E135Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de San Diego () 07h24 PDT 08h12 PDT 0:47
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