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SINGAPORE TA-4 Super Skyhawk (N141EM)


Draken International's N141EM, a TA-4 Skyhawk, awaits tower pernmission to line up and launch on 31L as a Seahawk returning from a training sortie comes overhead to land at Hangar 7.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This is one of two Draken A-4s we saw. The other was on the ramp and did not fly all day.
Gary... *F*I*V*E* stars... and I used to see the Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk (a.k.a. - Heinemann's Hot-Rod) flying from NAS Meridian... :-)
Alan Macdonald
Nice shot Gary but where was it taken, I'm guessing not home base at Lakeland, maybe El Centro ?
I also just wondered why you mention SINGAPORE in the caption as this is an ex Royal New Zealand Air Force TA-4K where it was serialled NZ6252. Hope that helps your records.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Cliff, Hi and TY. The two that are here are the first two I've ever photographed. (Thumbs Up)
Alan ... Howdy. Sorry 'bout the missing location. Taken at NAS Fallon two days ago. In ref. to the "SINGAPORE," that's the "automatic" caption which pops up when A-4 is entered next to the Reg Number. I tried entering "TA4," "A4K," TA4K," etc., etc., and each time the phrase "INCORRECT TYPE" popped up, so I finally settled on "A4." I considered just leaving it blank, but then I figured that it was better to have a partially correct title rather than none at all. And it was because of all the time I spent on that issue that I forgot to enter "KNFL" in the airport identifier box. TYVM for inquiring, Alan. (Wave)
Super sweet shot and op to catch this one!
Alan Macdonald
Thanks for the explanation Gary, I maybe could have guessed as I have had a similar occurrence myself in the past and yes, it's very frustrating. I only guessed at El Centro by the Visible topography and didn't think of Fallon but just knew it wasn't at Draken's base in Florida. Having never been to any of the three (unfortunately) I think maybe my guess wasn't too off beam (for an Aussie especially).
Robert Wolff
Did the A-4 have a cannon for air to air combat?
robert kennington
My Douglas-Tech-Rep Dad spoke to John McCain about his crash in Viet Nam. Listening in, I learned there were two A4D ejection seat designs—and one was made in Britain. (!)

McCain couldn't eject because a "broken" wing had folded over his canopy.
Tom Vance
Super shot....2 for 1 in one photo - 5x5!
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