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Boeing 737-900 (N75435)


I've got many, many people to say Thanks to for my catching this wonderful special livery here at Reno yesterday. I cannot name every single person, but I do wish to publicly acknowledge the following wonderful folks / agencies: Ryan J., Michael H., "M.S.," and Daniel B. at FlightAware; "Calamity Jane" in California; and Kim, Carrie, and the M&PA branch at RTAA. Thanks to all of you, I finally caught (after several YEARS of twice-a-day tracking) the UAL "Continental Airlines" retro special livery when it made its first-ever visit to Reno Tahoe International yesterday during the late morning - noon hour. This one was the Top Priority special paint on my "MUST Catch" list, and after getting over 320 shots of it landing, on the ramp from every conceivable angle, and then taking off, I can scratch it off my list. Thank You, All! (Both Thumbs Up and Hi Fives, too)


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Isaac Vogelzang
Great shot! I saw this cool plane about a month ago at Washington Dulles.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Isaac. This was the reason I was gone and could not e/m you yesterday. I had received numerous phone calls and emails advising that it was scheduled to make the noon SFO-RNO-SFO run, so I got to the airport at 9:00 AM and set up next to 16L-34R. (Even more fortunate for me, 16R-34L was closed all day for maintenance so I knew it would land a few feet away from me.) After I snapped it arriving, I got on the ramp for close-ups from every possible angle. Then, when it departed, 16R was still closed so I positioned right on it adjacent to 16L. This retro scheme is a super neat flashback for old timers like myself because this Continental livery goes waaay back. (lol) OK, I'll be emailing you a bit later so keep one eye on your mailbox. (Wave)
Greg Byington
Gary... Waiting and patience pay off in the end with rich dividends!!! :-)

And just to comment... as I see that green wing tip light is illuminated... and of course, that's the starboard wing... it has a green marker light on it. Red on the port side... green on the other side. Harkens back to ships and marine vessels... which any mariner would be well familiar with!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff ... Howyabeen? (Sorry it took a couple days to acknowledge and reply; I've been hosting some visiting spotters.) I lucked out that this one dropped by when it did; next week I'm doing an aviation event so I wouldn't have been able to catch it. I'll send another shot of this one as soon as I find the card it's on. lol
Gary... I'm "alive 'n kickin"!!! Always with my eye in the sky and the sound of an aircraft passing overhead sends me rushing out the door to catch a glimpse of it!!!

Your patience and diligence paid off with this one!!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff, Greg, and Roy .... Another shot of this on its takeoff roll down 16L is being sent. Check your m-box.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
01-12-2020 B739intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 07h15 CST 08h36 PST Prévue
01-12-2020 B739Int'l de San Francisco ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 00h26 PST 05h48 CST Prévue
30-11-2020 B739intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l de San Francisco () 16h55 CST 18h55 PST Prévue
30-11-2020 B739Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 13h00 CST 15h33 CST Prévue
30-11-2020 B739Int'l de Denver ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 08h10 MST 11h09 CST Prévue
29-11-2020 B739Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()Int'l de Denver () 22h55 EST 00h10 MST (+1) Prévue
29-11-2020 B739Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 18h30 CST 20h46 EST 1:15
29-11-2020 B739Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 15h29 EST 16h28 CST 1:58
29-11-2020 B739Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 11h05 CST 13h37 EST 1:31
29-11-2020 B739Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 07h30 CST 09h12 CST 1:41
28-11-2020 B739Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth () 19h55 CST 21h55 CST 1:59
28-11-2020 B739Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 17h21 CST 18h21 CST 0:59
28-11-2020 B739Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul () 14h51 CST 15h48 CST 0:56
28-11-2020 B739Int'l McCarran ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 07h34 PST 12h43 CST 3:08
27-11-2020 B739intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l McCarran () 15h03 CST 15h59 PST 2:56
27-11-2020 B739Int'l de San Diego ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 08h05 PST 12h30 CST 2:24
26-11-2020 B739Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l de San Diego () 09h15 EST 11h39 PST 5:23
25-11-2020 B739intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 14h49 CST 18h23 EST 2:33
25-11-2020 B739Int'l de Miami ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 11h29 EST 12h50 CST 2:20
24-11-2020 B739intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l de Miami () 15h02 CST 17h52 EST 1:49
24-11-2020 B739Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 10h13 MST 13h11 CST 1:57
23-11-2020 B739Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix () 18h19 EST 21h10 MST 4:50
23-11-2020 B739Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 09h17 PST 15h56 EST 3:38
22-11-2020 B739Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l McCarran () 10h49 EST 12h59 PST 5:09
19-11-2020 B739Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 14h53 CST 17h20 EST 1:26
19-11-2020 B739Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 08h43 MST 12h37 CST 2:53
18-11-2020 B739Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix () 18h23 CST 20h38 MST 3:14
18-11-2020 B739intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 07h06 CST 09h09 CST 2:02
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