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N290LA, an Air Tractor 502A (AT-502A), one of seven aircraft in this morning's Parade of Planes from Reno Tahoe International west down Peckham Lane for a mile or so to the Reno Sparks Convention Center, has just cleared the intersection of Coliseum Way and E. Peckham Lane.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The seven aircraft in the 5 AM Parade of Planes were ....
N6203D, N6216U, N1006H, N290LA, N674LA, N6596AK (a Grumman biplane), and this AT Fire Boss.
Very cool images! Are they going on display for a convention?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
RWB ... Yes. The National Agriculture Aviation Convention is being held here. These aircraft are on display on the convention center floor. And TY for the comment about the two photos. Very much appreciated. (Wave) Also, my apologies to all viewers for the error in my entry just above RWBs comment. The aircraft seen in my photo (above) is not the Fire Boss as my entry states. This is N290LA. The Fire Boss is N804AS and is the aircraft shown in the next photo in my folder.
Isaac Vogelzang
The best way to travel, both in the air...and on the ground :)
Cool shot, well done!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Isaac, and thank you. It WAS cool out there; temp was in the teens. (Grin) But it was fun to be able to get some unusual pics (of planes rolling along a city street) ... AND ... it turns out there were some folks who liked these two snaps -- about four hours ago the convention director invited me to come tomorrow and be issued a media pass to take more shots of the aircraft being displayed. So I will be able to snap more pics of them ... AND be warm (BIG grin and a wave).
Gary... that's an often seen aircraft in the sky where I live... along with the other agricultural aviation types. More commonly known as cropdusters here.
Tom Vance
Ive never seen a parade of planes. Thanks for freezing for us...I would have never known this event happened without Cub reporter Gman out on the streets at 5 am. Was the AirBoss from CIC Chico CA? 5+2=7 planes and starts if I could!
marylou anderson
Vous voulez une recherche complète sur l'historique de N290LA depuis 1998? Achetez maintenant. Recevez-le dans l'heure.
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