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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N5017N)


The Experimental Aircraft Association's "Aluminum Overcast" (N5017N, a B-17G) swings into its parking position on the ramp at Reno Stead Airport at 12:45 yesterday afternoon (30 Mar 2017). Its arrival from Napa, CA (KAPC) was delayed due to heavy snow squalls in the area around Stead and Reno, but a well-timed arrival enabled the crew to land at RTS between the squalls. The bomber will be at RTS until Sunday.


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Isaac Vogelzang
Great photo! Thanks for sharing it!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Isaac. Thanx. I was out there for over 4 hours awaiting its arrival. It was due in midmorning but the winds were gusting at over 55 MPH and the snow squalls kept rolling thru the area reducing the visibility to well below minimums. In fact, I was there a total of (almost) six hours ... and in all that time this was the only aircraft that landed. I was permitted lone access on to the ramp after it was parked (the media flight was canceled and rescheduled) so I was able to click hundreds of great shots, but in many of them the snow is falling heavily.
Hey, where have you been? I've been checking but nothing new from you in a long while.
Gary, this is an exemplary photo capture of "Aluminum Overcast"!
Alan Brown
Great photo of a truly wonderful plane. I enjoyed my media flight in Denver a couple of years ago.
Christian GUILLARD
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
To Cliff, Alan, and Christian .... Your comments are very much appreciated. Thank you.
Don Lynch
There should be room for an extra star...
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Don ... Very much appreciate your comment. TYVVM. (Wave)
Tom Vance
" ba dup ba dup ba dup ba dup ba dup" I can just hear those big radials a turning,,!!

April 21st at RDD I'll be there.!!! 5x4*** Gman for everyone turning.!!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
12-11-2019 UnknownBaldwin County Rgnl ()Baldwin County Rgnl () 16h22 EST 16h42 EST 0:19
12-11-2019 UnknownBaldwin County Rgnl ()Baldwin County Rgnl () 14h39 EST 15h00 EST 0:21
12-11-2019 UnknownBaldwin County Rgnl ()Baldwin County Rgnl () 13h54 EST 14h15 EST 0:21
12-11-2019 UnknownBaldwin County Rgnl ()Baldwin County Rgnl () 13h16 EST 13h30 EST 0:14
11-11-2019 UnknownGwinnett County ()Baldwin County Rgnl () 09h08 EST 09h42 EST 0:34
10-11-2019 UnknownPrès de Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett County () 10h47 EST 11h12 EST 0:24
09-11-2019 UnknownGwinnett County ()Gwinnett County () 13h13 EST 13h39 EST 0:25
09-11-2019 UnknownPrès de Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett County () 11h28 EST 11h52 EST 0:23
09-11-2019 UnknownPrès de Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett County () 10h33 EST 10h58 EST 0:25
08-11-2019 UnknownGwinnett County ()Gwinnett County () 10h58 EST 11h20 EST 0:22
08-11-2019 B17Gwinnett County ()Gwinnett County () 10h15 EST 10h37 EST 0:21
03-11-2019 UnknownMoore-Murrell ()Gwinnett County () 15h56 EST 17h04 EST 1:07
03-11-2019 UnknownMoore-Murrell ()Moore-Murrell () 10h29 EST 10h50 EST 0:21
02-11-2019 UnknownMoore-Murrell ()Moore-Murrell () 12h37 EDT 12h59 EDT 0:22
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