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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (N318FE)


This is the moment of exact sunrise over Reno Tahoe International. Behind me, the sun is just coming up over the crest of the Virginia Range Mountains east of the airport, so the sun is lighting up the upper floors of the Atlantis Casino; however, because it has not yet risen high enough, the bottom floors of the hotel casino, the RTIA grounds, and Fed Ex's "Annabel" (N318FE) are all still in shadow as the DC-10 taxies north toward the cargo area ramp after landing on runway 16R.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
On mornings when there are no clouds in the eastern sky, this is always a wonderful three to four minutes of time. Three to four minutes is about all the time it takes for the scene to go from "full shadow" to "full sunshine," and capturing this particularly brief instant when the scene is "divided in half" between shadow and sunshine is always a challenge ... trying to get the settings just right so that the top doesn't come out too bright or the bottom doesn't come out too dark.
Less than two minutes earlier, I captured "Annabel" touching down on 16R .... and the entire scene in THAT snap is in full shadow because the sun was still just below the crest of the mountains behind me. Yet, by the time "Annabel" taxied past me here and was being marshaled into its ramp slot, the sun had come completely over the crest and in my next set of pics, clicked only 80 seconds after this series, the entire airport is fully bathed in morning sunshine. On cloudless evenings, the same thing happens in reverse as the sun drops below the crest of the Sierra Nevada.
Greg Byington
Yeah, that's cool! Nice job, Gary!
Mark See
Very nice shot Gary! 5*****s! That is one awesome background too.
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding capture! I saw one very similar to this one at RDU, N385FE.
Mathias Böttcher
beautiful ! DC-10
Scott Gist
Really nice shot, love the light work.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
03-12-2020 DC10Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 09h52 EST 11h28 EST En vol
03-12-2020 DC10Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 04h23 EST 05h45 EST 1:21
01-12-2020 DC10Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 01h40 EST 03h02 EST 1:21
30-11-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 16h44 CST 20h01 EST 2:17
30-11-2020 DC10Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l de Memphis () 09h01 EST 10h11 CST 2:10
29-11-2020 DC10Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 07h44 PST 15h19 EST 4:34
28-11-2020 DC10Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 20h00 EST 20h40 PST 3:39
25-11-2020 DC10régional de Manchester ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 23h44 EST 01h37 EST (+1) 1:52
25-11-2020 DC10Int'l Bradley ()régional de Manchester () 12h29 EST 12h49 EST 0:20
25-11-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Bradley () 08h31 CST 11h27 EST 1:56
24-11-2020 DC10Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l de Memphis () 23h30 EST 23h47 CST 1:17
24-11-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 04h30 CST 06h21 EST 0:50
23-11-2020 DC10Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Int'l ()Int'l de Memphis () 20h47 CST 23h13 CST 2:25
23-11-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Int'l () 04h19 CST 06h55 CST 2:36
22-11-2020 DC10Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l de Memphis () 07h22 PST 12h15 CST 2:53
21-11-2020 DC10Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 18h56 EST 20h00 PST 4:04
20-11-2020 DC10Int'l General Mitchell de Milwaukee ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 06h49 CST 08h31 EST 0:41
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