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Boeing PT-17 Kaydet (N58986)


Another photo of the Ageless Aviation Dream Foundation's Boeing E-75 Stearman (N58986) as it climbs away from runway 15 at Fernley's Tiger Field to give a thrilling flight experience to a senior veteran. AADF provides flights to senior vets across the country absolutely free of charge.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The AADF has three Stearman aircraft located in various areas of the US. The other two have visited here in the past, and if I get a few free minutes I'll track down my photos of them and post a couple. Right now; however, I'm on my way to KCXP (Carson City Airport) to get more clicks of this one giving free flights to seniors living in Nevada's capital city.
Greg Byington
Really nice!
Dave Sheehy
Excellent shot! Looks like you were flying beside him! 5*++++!
Leon Kay
Thank you for a great photo and very informative comment.
nelson eskey
Finally, a REAL airplane among the herd of Suck-N-Blow swept-wing ride-along machines!
Love Stearmans.
Al Bauer
Great looking plane. Thanks also for the informative description.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Greg. Thanx again.
Dave ... Thanks. He is just off the runway and passing my position. Because the runway is not in the shot, it makes it seem as tho I am also airborne next to him. (Thumbs Up)
Leon, Nelson, and Al .... TYVM, guys. (Wave)
Nice shot !!!
Tom Vance
A "Classic" pic by Gman - 5stars!
Isaac Vogelzang
5* shot! Great composition and nice background!
serge LOTH
That's a great idea! nice picture by the way.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Vaides, "T", Isaac, and Serge .... My apologies for the late acknowledgment. I am just now finding a day to "catch up" with comments and with the newest pics posted by other photogs. Thank You to each of you. I very much appreciate your comments. Regarding this particular Stearman, I was extremely fortunate --- these flights for seniors took place at an airport only five minutes away from my home so for once I didn't have to go to the plane; instead, it came here to me. Once again, Thanks, guys. (Smile & a wave)
Gary - the old Stearman 75 types employed in a crop dusting role were a fairly common sight to me when growing up. It was evidently the favored choice back then for the crop dusting services using them. The airframes were widely available and economically priced... ergo the radial recip engines for these aircraft! A chemical hopper or tank replaced the front seat along with a spray boom added underneath the bottom wing... :-)

Most all have been replaced by newer designs specific to this use... and the radial recips have given way to turboprop power.
Dave Sheehy
Another Gary Schenauer photo for the ages. The owners of this aircraft have made a supreme effort to keep this classic bird flying. If this were my airplane, I would be overjoyed that Gary captured it with his camera and shared it with the Flight Aware viewers. Absolutely fantastic shot and every time I go out out with my camera I hope to get a picture like this. Thank you, Gary for your contributions. 5*
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
04-08-2020 ST75Cawleys South Prairie ()Cawleys South Prairie () 18h39 PDT 19h14 PDT (?) 0:34
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