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Boeing C-135B Stratolifter (58-0086)


Framed by runway 7-25 along the bottom, four military aircraft (two Fairchild-based tankers .. 58-0086 in foreground ... and two USMC Ospreys) on the left, and by the Reno Tahoe International Control Tower on the right, the Atlantic Aviation FBO agency at KRNO is seen in this midmorning photo.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I had quite a neat surprise when I discovered that 58-0086 was one of the two USAF tankers. The last time I saw 58-0086 was over 30+ years ago, in the 1985-1987 time frame, when it paid a visit to Loring AFB while I was stationed there. Somewhere in all my old photos or slides, I've got a pic of it. I'm long-since retired, but 58-0086 is still on active duty ... and has been on AD for six DECADES. And although I'm not 100% certain, I believe the reg on the other tanker in this shot is 58-0092. If that is indeed the reg, then that tanker is going to turn 60 years old this year, too. When Boeing built 'em, Boeing built 'em to last!!!
Ned Gehringer
Stunning picture from a great spotters location, would that be atop rattlesnake hill possibly? You must weld the camera to a .50 cal gun mount to achieve such clarity!,(left handed complement Gary )
Tom Vance
yes, ole Gman was up on Rattlesnake hill for this 5 star poster shot! Yikes Gman- I may have even saw both of those KCs at BFI from the house pre 1964!! We used to see so many KCs in/out of BFI - I was almost 11yrs old when we moved to CA, but I'll never forget what I saw there late 50's to 1964! Great shot here! Any snakes yet? I remember your last story - I ain't going up there! :)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Ned and Alien ... Hi and TY to both of you. Ned ... Your compli is very much appreciated. And I'm wondering ... did you and I meet last fall? Are you anywhere near Carmel? I met another photog last fall at MRY while on a spotting road trip, and I think his name was Ned. If you were in CA and anywhere near MRY in the September-October time frame, perhaps we did meet briefly. Alien ... Haven't seen any rattlers yet and I've been up there four times recently. But the daily temps here have been mid 60s for almost two straight weeks so I'm thinking the springtime-like weather is going to make them think it is time to come out for some sun. And it's the baby ones I'm most concerned about. There are a whole bunch of them, they are really, REALLY hard to see, and when they strike they haven't learned how to control the amount of venom ... so they inject way more than an adult does. So I won't be going up there much longer unless Old Man Winter hits this area by March.
Ned Gehringer
Gary, I might of spoken to you last September at the Reno air races in the pit area. I met a top notch photog who patiently explained to me why my props appeared stopped in high speed pics on my didigital Minolta. alas fixed the Asa speed to 320plus ... I lworked at MRY with Air California in 1980 -82 but haven't been back in a great while. I now live in Hidden Valley and hope to meet you around our reno airport spotting someday. You set the standard for photo excellence I can only hope to achieve...
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