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Iruma airshow


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great shot!
Please tell us this is a photo shop special. If not, I am surprised you published the photo as this is a dangerous stunt and totally unnecessary. Why would any pilot fly that close?
sam kuminecz
It's an illusion of proximity. The aircraft is farther away than it appears. Perfectly safe
Ernst... Sam is correct. I do not think this to be a "photo shop special" as you opined. I'm sure the photographer was shooting this photo with a telephoto zoom lens, which tends to compress distance between objects the further those objects are from the camera... i.e. - the parachutist is not nearly as close to the Kawasaki C-1 as appears.

Look at this photo submitted by FA member Sasano Hiroshi and you can see the scale of how large the Kawasaki C-1 actually is with a person close to it...

brasov123Photo Uploader
Thank you sam, it is absolutely correct. The distance between the person and aircraft is more than 300 ft. The person jumped from another aircraft which was parallel flying with Kawasaki C-1.

I understand that my initial explanation was too limited to know about the situations. It is non modified photo which has been taken by using 500 mm lens. The weather condition was completely perfect can see long distance without any disturbance.

Kawasaki C-1 is a medium size of logistic craft. The length is 95ft.
Alan Brown
This is a great shot! Obviously not the way it looks, but a great photo anyway!
Hello, brasov123.
It is very amazing photos.
I was watching from another location.
This photo is a fact, and is a fun photo.
Thank you, I'll see you. . .
Don Whyte
Perfect timing!

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