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Paul Wisgerhof
Great shot!
Dwight Hartje
Info about this pic would be nice to know.
a mentor
23 Skidoo is resident at the Planes of Fame museum, see
Alan Brown
Its great to see this one flying. I have a photo of it on the ground at Reno in 2010, but it looks much better in the air! Thanks for the photo.
a mentor
take a gander of a rollout for 23 Skidoo here
HabujetPhoto Uploader
Dwight Hartje; well it's departing NAF El Centro from 5 years ago heading back to Chino. I shot it at 1/80 to get some decent prop spin. Yes, part of the Planes of Fame Air Museum collection and I was in a B-25 as he formed up on us. Hope that's what you were looking for.
David Apps
That would be one of the best photos I've seen.
very nice shot thanks
Diana Rose
Lockheed P-38J Lightning - Awesome Snap!
Brian Mesko
Having come from Northern Wisconsin near Poplar, Richard Bong’s hometown, the P-38 has always been my favorite WWII aircraft. Great shot.
Dennis Surek
What are the advantages of this design ?
Tim Segulin
Magnificent shot of a true classic.
It really showcases Kelly Johnson's genius at reducing the size of a twin engine to the point where it was as manoeuvrable as some single engined fighters but with that powerful centre line ordnance in the nose and longer range.
jesse kyzer
more at http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=12415
Douglas Miles
Seems I remember an Andy Hardy line or maybe a another Mickey Rooney character saying something about 23 Skidoo in one of his movies. But this is one awesome capture.
Beyond superb!!
My favorite aircraft of all time.

Great shot.
john cook
Climbing out, just where she belongs.
My favorite!
Daniel Gless
Still a very sharp plane here in 2020! Ahead of its time then and still is now.
As much as I love the 38, I have one question for Kelly. If you're going to the trouble to have counter-rotating props, why oh why would you have maximum adverse yaw for BOTH??? How hard would it be to put the right on the left, and the left on the right?
Very nice shot Dan, thanks!
Peter West
Great shot of Louise! Habujet, what was the cameraship formating on the flypast?
William Barker
Excellent photo Habu! I like your handle. When I first went to work for Lockheed, a lifetime ago, I worked in the research machine shop where we still had some old jigs for the P-38 up in the rafters. Later, I moved over to Kelly's Skunkworks and was an FSR on the SR at Beale. Those were really some memorable years. Thanks for bringing back so many memories!
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