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CONVAIR QF-106 Delta Dart (57-2530) - Low approach at March AFB 3.87
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CONVAIR QF-106 Delta Dart (57-2530)


Low approach at March AFB 3.87


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jesse kyzer
1957? Built as a Convair F-106B Delta Dart, Flew with 539th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
Converted to QF-106B and destroyed April 1997.
was it resto'd?? and back in service??
Paul Wisgerhof
It would appear that this photo was taken before the bird was converted to a target drone.
HabujetPhoto Uploader
FlightAware always seems to change whatever is typed into a box. I put in type as a F-106B and in the comment you see 3.87, that was the month and year the photo was taken as the jet was still active with the 186FIS Montana ANG at Great Falls.
Was a crew chief back when these were still Air Force. Got to fly rear seat in the B models fairly often. Great plane, lousy radar! We finally got those problems sorted out just about in time to retire them. One of the prettiest sights ever was when I was flying in a T-33 target for the F-106 intercept. He did a stern attack, then floated by us at about 50 mph faster than we were. As he got level to us, 100 ft off our wing, he lit the burner, pulled up, and started rolling as he floated away and up from us. He started at 28,000. Went supersonic at about 32,000, and balliistic topped out over 45,000. Just floated up and away from us at about a 45 degree angle up.
Great to see these birds still in service with the USAF!
marty campbell
I was an aircraft and missile electrician with the 329th FIS at George AFB from 1960 to 1962. We had about 25 F-106's in our squadron. Great plane, unfortunately I never got to ride in one.
The USAF Museum has an F-106A on display that landed itself in February 1970 after the pilot ejected in a flat spin. The aircraft recovered from the flat spin and was only minimally damaged after a soft belly landing in a snowfield and was repaired and returned to service. Love that century series!
Don Kuehl
1967; Flew with William Howard Harse in a Bird like this one, Flying Chase on a F-111. Launch and Recovery from Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, Texas for General Dynamics. Both Willie and I were employees of General Dynamics.
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