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Paul Wisgerhof
Is the gear fully extended? If not, which way is it going?
George Maidens
Paul, it's going right to left, lol. Looks like take off, no flap. Early retraction?
Harry Ellett
I looked it up, it appears the gear is fully extended on this old Gloster Meteor.
jim gevay
Early gear retraction is possible but not very likely.

The Gloster Meteor has a trailing link gear on both the mains and nose gear. On the ground the gear does not hang down outside the wells very much and it still does not hang down in the air as far as some other planes.

Just look at other photos on the web, including this same plane just at liftoff.
The gear in the linked photo is identical to the one above.
hal pushpak
You can see it sitting on the ground here:
Are you guys aware that the Gloster Meteor was a refined design of the Messerschmitt Me-262.
Tim Segulin
"...the Gloster Meteor was a refined design of the Messerschmitt Me-262"
What?? I hope you're joking!
David Johnson
The Meteor and Me 262 are completely separate designs, both developed during WW2 when Germany and the UK were at each other's throats. In fact, the Me 262 is probably the more advanced design, with its slightly swept wing and generally better performance. Any similarities are due to the practical need to use 2 of the underpowered early jet engines.
Paul Kavanagh
Definitely not associated with the 262. I was in the Air Training Corps, and our headquarters was on possibly the last base to operate Meteors in RAF service for No5 CAACU. I flew in WF791 which was later lost at an airshow near Coventry, England. Engines were very simple, centrifugal flow, but not a lot of power. Oh and that T7, no ejector seat. Pull canopy release and over the side. Fun times.
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