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Airbus A320 (N223NV)
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Airbus A320 (N223NV)



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Charles Peele
Doesn't any one recall Allegiant's past came from the flames and terror of the fatal crash of Value Jet in the FL Everglades? CTP
Viv Pike
Charles Peele - you don't give up, do you?
Dale Tamminga
Charles, Allegiant had nothing to do with Value Jet. Nothing. Nada. Learn their history. Started with service between Fresno and Las Vegas in 1998.
Tyler Emtage
And the crash wasn't the crew's fault...and it was the only crash for Value Jet
sam kuminecz
Valujet was owned by AirTran holdings llc, after the crash it became AirTran.
Gary Schenauer
Spot on correct, Sam. As you and Dale have both pointed out, as an airline, AAY has no evolutionary connection to ValuJet. ValuJet evolved into AirTran, and AirTran was absorbed by Southwest several years ago. Charles Peele's comments stem from the fact that Mr. Maurice Gallagher had been a ValuJet board member at the time of that horrific crash in the Glades and then, after ValuJet went under and became AirTran, Mr. Gallagher went on to become the CEO of Allegiant Travel, which operates Allegiant Air ... and, as folks know, AAY has had some disturbing incidents and was under FAA scrutiny. Mr. Gallagher is the "link" between ValuJet and Allegiant, and I think Mr. Peele is relating to that "link" .... and the safety concerns about Allegiant ... when he states his reminders about the terrible ValuJet crash. I'm thinking that perhaps Mr. Peele knew someone (or knows someone who knew someone, etc.) on that ValuJet flight. (I have been casually acquainted with a person who was one of just a couple of survivors of a fiery TWA crash in Cincinnati; he and his sister were saved by a stewardess; the rest of his family perished as did 70 others on the jet.) I don't know how some people are able to overcome grief of that magnitude; perhaps Mr. Peele has not been able to do so, or perhaps he is simply trying, in his own way, to prevent others from having to undergo such tragedy by reminding today's younger generation of a tragic event from the past that was caused by careless adherence to safety rules. Either way, Mr. Peele is doing as he feels he needs to do. Charles, if you did in fact lose someone dear to you, I send my deepest condolences. Or, if you are just trying to keep awareness alive regarding the disasterous consequences that can result from carelessness, your concerns are valid.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
18-06-2021 A320Int'l de San Diego ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 14h55 PDT 15h43 MST Prévue
18-06-2021 A320Mahlon Sweet Fld ()Int'l de San Diego () 12h12 PDT 14h00 PDT Prévue
18-06-2021 A320Int'l de San Diego ()Mahlon Sweet Fld () 09h20 PDT 11h08 PDT Prévue
18-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Int'l de San Diego () 07h37 MST 08h33 PDT 0:55
17-06-2021 A320Int'l de San Diego ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 18h50 PDT 19h47 MST 0:56
17-06-2021 A320Bozeman Yellowstone Intl ()Int'l de San Diego () 15h58 MDT 17h08 PDT 2:09
17-06-2021 A320Int'l de San Diego ()Bozeman Yellowstone Intl () 11h54 PDT 15h00 MDT 2:06
17-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Int'l de San Diego () 09h32 MST 10h45 PDT 1:12
15-06-2021 A320Provo Muni ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 14h54 MDT 15h56 MST 2:01
14-06-2021 A320John-Wayne ()Provo Muni () 14h44 PDT 16h59 MDT 1:14
14-06-2021 A320Boise ()John-Wayne () 12h39 MDT 13h37 PDT 1:57
14-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Boise () 08h49 MST 11h31 MDT 1:41
14-06-2021 A320Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 06h23 CDT 07h12 MST 2:48
13-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Chicago/Rockford Intl () 23h58 MST 04h53 CDT (+1) 2:55
13-06-2021 A320Springfield ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 21h58 CDT 22h16 MST 2:17
13-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Springfield () 16h32 MST 20h44 CDT 2:11
13-06-2021 A320Provo Muni ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 15h00 MDT 15h14 MST 1:14
13-06-2021 A320Tucson Intl ()Provo Muni () 11h46 MST 14h03 MDT 1:16
13-06-2021 A320Provo Muni ()Tucson Intl () 10h32 MDT 10h49 MST 1:16
13-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Provo Muni () 07h35 MST 09h41 MDT 1:05
11-06-2021 A320Central Nebraska Rgnl ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 23h38 CDT 23h40 MST 2:01
11-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Central Nebraska Rgnl () 18h34 MST 22h29 CDT 1:55
11-06-2021 A320Int'l de San Diego ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 16h21 PDT 17h11 MST 0:49
11-06-2021 A320Mahlon Sweet Fld ()Int'l de San Diego () 13h23 PDT 15h18 PDT 1:54
11-06-2021 A320Int'l de San Diego ()Mahlon Sweet Fld () 09h59 PDT 11h58 PDT 1:58
11-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Int'l de San Diego () 06h55 MST 07h49 PDT 0:53
10-06-2021 A320régional de Sioux Falls ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 22h54 CDT 23h25 MST 2:30
10-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()régional de Sioux Falls () 17h54 MST 21h57 CDT 2:02
10-06-2021 A320Idaho Falls Rgnl ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 16h04 MDT 16h50 MST 1:45
10-06-2021 A320Int'l d'Oakland ()Idaho Falls Rgnl () 12h41 PDT 15h07 MDT 1:25
10-06-2021 A320Idaho Falls Rgnl ()Int'l d'Oakland () 10h54 MDT 11h42 PDT 1:47
10-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Idaho Falls Rgnl () 07h06 MST 09h36 MDT 1:30
09-06-2021 A320Wichita ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 23h19 CDT 23h16 MST 1:56
09-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Wichita () 18h33 MST 22h20 CDT 1:46
09-06-2021 A320Stockton Metro ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 15h25 PDT 16h57 MST 1:32
09-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Stockton Metro () 12h49 MST 14h23 PDT 1:33
09-06-2021 A320Provo Muni ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 10h58 MDT 11h14 MST 1:15
09-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Provo Muni () 07h18 MST 09h25 MDT 1:06
08-06-2021 A320Bismarck Muni ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 02h13 CDT 02h39 MST 2:25
07-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Bismarck Muni () 20h02 MST 00h14 CDT (+1) 2:11
07-06-2021 A320Stockton Metro ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 17h06 PDT 18h36 MST 1:29
07-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Stockton Metro () 14h41 MST 16h08 PDT 1:26
07-06-2021 A320Bozeman Yellowstone Intl ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 11h19 MDT 12h23 MST 2:03
07-06-2021 A320Phoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Bozeman Yellowstone Intl () 07h26 MST 10h18 MDT 1:51
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