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VOUGHT-SIKORSKY V-166 Corsair (N9964Z) - Picture of the CAFs FG-1D Corsair on the ramp in Tallahassee at dusk. Picture taken by a co-worker... wish I could take credit for this one!
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VOUGHT-SIKORSKY V-166 Corsair (N9964Z)


Picture of the CAF's FG-1D Corsair on the ramp in Tallahassee at dusk. Picture taken by a co-worker... wish I could take credit for this one!


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Gary Schenauer
Your honesty in admitting that this is not your pic is admirable, David, (there are some who just steal the photos of others and post them as if they took them) but if you are posting a shot taken by someone else, it is always courteous to give the photographer's name so he / she can get the credit he / she deserves for such a great snap. Or did you post this without permission?
DSmithOpsPhoto Uploader
I did get his permission prior to posting, but I didn't explicitly ask if I could post his name. So, I did not think it was appropriate to do so until I talk with him again.
Gary Schenauer
I understand your situation (re: workplace concerns, etc.); I was in the same circumstance myself a few years back. This is a superior shot (I should say that YOUR snaps are always equally outstanding), and I am grateful to be able to view it. Please pass along my sincere kudos to the photographer, and I truly hope he finds an outlet where he can display his skills and receive credit for his fine talent as seen here. (Thumbs Up)
Greg Byington
Well, tell your co-worker that it is a great picture, and thanks for sharing it. I love Corsairs! They always remind me of Pappy Boyington and the Black Sheep Squadron. Remind me sometime and I'll tell my story about having to help do a complete oil change on one after I put the wrong type of oil in it by mistake. (i.e. detergent vs. non-detergent) It is a long story, though, so I'll save it for another time, eh!
DSmithOpsPhoto Uploader
Thanks and I'll pass along the kind remarks! My wife's grandfather flew the Corsair's off the USS Shangri-La during WWII and has some awesome stories. I love going through his logbook and having the chance to talk with him about his experiences.
W. Lee Mikell
Very nice shot.
Phil Scarr
Baa Baa!
Dwight Hartje
Excellent capture, David! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
James Simms
Whistling Death
DSmithOpsPhoto Uploader
Thanks Dwight! I'll pass along your comment to my co-worker!
ken kemper
D Smith..........

Thank you for the nice comments. Enjoyed EAA Airventure 2016 as I live about 25 miles away in Appleton.

will be posting some of my Oshkosh pics next.....Martin Mars especially.

Thank you for nice comments. Love your Corsair Sunset Shot here..........
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
16-10-2021 UnknownPunta Gorda () 13h56 EDT En vol
15-10-2021 UnknownPunta Gorda ()Punta Gorda () 14h04 EDT 14h22 EDT 0:18
14-10-2021 UnknownEglin AFB/Destin-Ft Walton Beach ()Punta Gorda () 12h56 CDT 15h45 EDT 1:49
10-10-2021 UnknownFalcon Field ()Près de Atlanta, GA 13h54 EDT Last seen 13h57 EDT 0:02
10-10-2021 UnknownFalcon Field ()Falcon Field () 11h07 EDT 11h31 EDT 0:23
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